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Those Calling For Oodua Republic Cannot Decide For Yoruba Land, YWG Insists



The Yoruba Welfare group (YWG) has insisted that those clamouring for Oodua Republic cannot decide for the Yoruba people.

It came after a rally on Saturday in Ibadan where groups called for Yoruba self-determination and emphasised they would disrupt the 2023 general elections if their agitation for secession was not considered.

President of YWG, Abdulhakeem Alawuje, accused the secession advocates of attempting to destroy the peace, love and harmony of Yoruba land.

“It will be very bad of youths and masses to allow themselves to be used by any individual or a group of emissaries of saitans to be disturbing peace of Yoruba land,” he added.

Alawuje warned them to desist from such advocacy, saying, “We are issuing a last warning to those behind the political agitation to stop all this rubbish in our land. Yoruba land cannot be a testing ground for any form of criminals act.”

“YWG is calling all traditional rulers in Yoruba land to call these people to order because it will not favour all of us to start mobilizing against ourselves in the same region.

“Professor Banji Akintoye and all his collaborators are looking for nothing than waiting for negotiation between themselves and those who are in charge of leadership in Yoruba land.

“We understand you are trying to justify your assurance given to some of your political paymaster, be told YWG will never allow that to happen, it is better you return back their money, it will not work.”

The group asked the Akintoye-led Ilana Oodua group to know that their era in the affair of Yoruba land have expired.

“We used to know professor Banji Akintoye as part of Baba Adebanjo followers, but he could not succeed as followers he came up with his own political agenda, because he wanted to be relevant by all means. He decided to withdraw his loyalty and created his own political business group.

“Stop parading yourself as Yoruba leader, if Kabiesi ikubabayeye Alase Ekejiorisa Alaafin of Oyo is talking, and Ooni of Ife is talking, who else can be talking?”

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