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Osun APC Crisis: PDP Urges Police To Close Down APC Secretariat, De-escalate Violence



The Osun State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is alarmed by the turn of events in the fold of Apc in the State where simple internal congress of the party becomes so unmanageable with attendant bloodbaths.

Osun PDP though, not surprised that democratic management of party affairs is alien to Apc, but we are at sea as to how a ruling party with a sitting governor would allow issues emanating from ordinary ward congress degenerate to such a dangerous level that has now portrayed the State as the nation’s capital of negativities.

While the good people of our dear State had virtually resigned to fate, in unarguable cluelessness of Mr Gboyega Oyetola in managing affairs of the state, we are however utterly surprised at his failure to effectively manage his motley supporters in Apc.

Mr Oyetola’s disrespect for human lives is also alarming as it beats human comprehension in a sane clime, how a governor finds sound sleep with the spate of orchestrated violence unleashed on the state by the badly factionalized Apc. One wonders if bloodbath remains the only dividend reserved for Osun State by Mr Gboyega Oyetola led Apc administration.

Yes, Mr Oyetola may be an unweaned manager of men, but security of lives and property should be precious to him at least, in his rudderlessness. It is unpardonable for a state helmsman to be so indifferent while precious lives are being wasted on daily basis.

We call on the warring factions in the Apc to sheath their swords in the interest of the good people of Osun State who usually suffer unquantifiable human and economic losses whenever Apc comes to town with their trademark violence.

The level of panic occasioned by sporadic gunshots by Apc thugs at Ogooluwa area of the state capital and other parts of the state and accompanying bloodshed on Saturday was sickling and condemnable. It is sad that economic activities in these areas were forcefully flagged down as people have to close shops to avoid falling victims of rampaging Apc thugs and their bullets. It is indeed a sad turn of event in our dear state.

While Mr Oyetola wobbles to find solution to the raging war in his Apc house of guns, we urge the Nigerian Police, The DSS and other relevant security agencies to rise in the gap of leadership vacuum as it concerns their primary duty of security of our people. They should rise up to the occasion by closing down Apc secretariats in the state as they have become convergence points of war in place of party administration. This is with a view to de-escalating the violent battle in Mr Oyetola’s political house commosion to avoid further loss of lives especially.

The doors of our great party, the PDP, are also open to assist Mr Governor, his warring leaders and lieutenants alike, with civilized mode of approaching unavoidable domestic issues in a political party, as against their present macabre dance of bloody violence.

Osun PDP also sympathizes with those who have suffered all kinds of losses in the Apc internal war. We admonish the suffering masses not to cave in to dejection at this time as the four year “Remote Controlled” regime is fast running out.

Residents are instead advised to arm themselves with voters card in the ongoing continuous voters registration by INEC in steady preparation to reverse the gear of the current shenanigans and reshape the state into a productive path.

Hon Ayodeji Areola
State Publicity Secretary
Peoples Democratic Party
Osun State Chapter

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