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Giving To The Needy Should Be Life Style Of Genuine Believers-Nation Family Global Lead Pastor



By Ayobami Agboola

Living a life of sacrificial giving can be the vehicle one can board to the place of destiny manifestation and fulfilment not because you have excessively but because it is the ordinance of God.

This was disclosed by the Global Lead Pastor of London based Pentecostal movement, The Nation Family, which is also known as SPAC Nation, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega.

He said he gave everything that mattered, from the one that didn’t seem to be of importance, to the one that was most valuable to him because that was the directive of God.

Pastor Tobi was speaking during the weekly family meeting of the ministry, which was also their Sunday service. The service themed ‘The Journey Called Life’ was as usual of The Nation Family, a deviation from the conventional services held by most Churches.

Being an online service, it was streamed via Periscope and Youtube, and featured a mini documentary of Pastor Tobi’s life from when he arrived in the United Kingdom as a 25 year old who was visiting while waiting to resume school in the United States till date.

According to him, he had his issues when SPAC Nation was to start but he had his mind on how to make a meaning out of life.

“I did not even know what to do. When I got to London and I tried to get a job, it was not easy for me. I just came to visit my uncle while waiting for school to resume in the US. Starting a Church was not anything I thought of but God always has a plan. I have journeyed from one point to the other, experiencing different things while staying true to the divine call and promise on my life.”

In the documentary that was aired during the service, different parts of London like the first apartment where Pastor Tobi lived with his uncle, the neighbourhood, stores and the place where the first service of SPAC Nation was held were featured.

Of particular note was the car park where he got into trouble for putting Church leaflets on people’s cars. He said he noticed that while many people he knew from his time in the area had moved on, there was still the same way of living and doing things among the present residents. PT noted that this had to change for them to fully realize and utilize their God-given potentials.

“One gift you can give to yourself is to change environment and company. That may just turn out to be the best decision you can ever take as you bid to go forward and make your maker proud.”

Talking about what has helped him to stay afloat despite the hurdles he encountered on the way up, the Pastor who clocks forty soon said he has never stopped giving.

“I once gave out the money I had saved up to buy a suit and trouser to a beggar. Interesting thing is this money was still four or five pounds less than the target. I had a quickening in my spirit to give out the money and by the time I got home, a new complete suit was waiting for me courtesy of my uncle. Subsequently, money kept flowing in for me for the rest of that week.”

The philanthropic Pastor who has empowered youths all over the United Kingdom and even in Nigeria, Ghana and some other West African countries said he learnt the efficacy of the word about seed time and harvest in The Bible.

“That taught me seed time and harvest because I sowed a seed and harvested right back. I would spend my money to buy stuff in Primark and have cause to give it out, again and again. After giving, I noticed I always had the opportunity to replace whatever I’d given out with four or five pieces of even better quality.”

Stressing the fact that giving was a door opener, Pastor Tobi talked about The Nation Family’s trap houses which are in different parts of London.

“Our first trap house is the seed for the over twenty houses we have today. We did not set out to have a trap house but things just happened and we always got a better house than the first trap house. Giving does not mean we have, we give because we know that is what we need to do and we do that without keeping or holding anything back. We have given more than money; we have given our life, materials, time and anything you can imagine and that has been the vehicle that has taken us to our destination in life.”

The Global Lead Pastor said the ministry underwent different journeys such as seeds, money, time, and commitment to be where they are today.

“We have moved from 3 to 5 members, to having hundreds and thousands of people who are members of The Nation Family. We have moved from where we thought was our place of settlement to where God prepared for us and that was where the real revival and harvest happened. The revival happened when we moved on to where God was waiting for us. I want you to know that as long as the world remains, seed time and harvest time will never cease.”

Pastor Tobi declared without any fear of contradiction that he was sure that history will see all that has been done so far by The Nation Family and judge them appropriately.

As he rounded off the service, PT made some salient points which he said has been of help as he reflected on his forty years of being alive.

“Please note these three points. First of all, the strongest vehicle I have seen in my journey is seed. I have sown a lot, and the people God has blessed me with have sown a lot to make what you see today possible. Second, everything about the journey called life is about your resolve. The things you intentionally set your heart on mostly work out. We have been intentional from the start.”

“Finally, selflessness has worked wonders in our movement. This has opened the doors unto us to work with international organizations like the UN in reaching thousands of people. We have given grants to people to start or resuscitate their businesses. We are a global Church, not restricted to the United Kingdom, and we are unconventional”

In closing, Pastor Tobi urged all and sundry to give their lives to Jesus, as that is the beginning of giving.

“Giving your life to Jesus is the best gift you can give. This is not about religion; it is about having a relationship with The One who has helped me so far in the journey of life. I have enjoyed it, and I heartily recommend a journey partner to you in Christ Jesus.”

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