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Your Phone Is Your Doctor: 5 Online Therapy Services To Try



Mental health issues are on the increase because of the challenges that people have to deal with. Some are finding it hard to cope with their relationships. Others are in financial problems. People choose online therapy because of the convenience that comes with it. You do not have to meet your therapist face-to-face. The counsellors offer solutions from the comfort of your couch.

When you search, you encounter many therapy services online, including Calmerry. It Is easy to become confused as to which of them you should choose when you need assistance. Do you need assistance on this front? The review provides information about the perfect online therapy.

A Complete CalmerryTherapy Service Review

Calmerry has not been in this field for long. The therapy service came into existence to assist people who are undergoing mental health issues during this time when the world is dealing with the Novel Corona Virus Pandemic. However, it has already claimed the spot as the best online therapy service. It has helped many patients and still has the potential to grow. What do you need to know about this service?

Who Are the Therapy Service Professionals?

The company cares about your well-being. Therefore, it hires the best professionals in this field. It offers attractive perks for its counselors to continue offering the best services to mental health patients. Its 4,000+ therapists are certified, skilled, professional, knowledgeable, and understand how to deal with clients’ issues.

The Pricing Policy at Calmerry Service

Clients choose a therapy service based on their ability to afford it. If they feel that a service provider is too expensive, they avoid it. Fortunately, Calmerry offers rates that patients are comfortable with. The most basic package costs $45 per week and includes unlimited messaging. If you need live sessions, you may pay a higher amount. The company does not accept payment through insurance.

Calmerry’s Service Registration Process

As a reliable service, the company wants to link you with the best online therapist. Therefore, you fill a questionnaire after signing up. The details to give include the issue that is bothering you and your session preference. You are matched with your therapist within 24 hours. The support team is ready to provide more details about the services offered.

Customer Experience at Calmerry Therapy

Patients are always sure of effective support when they choose this online counseling service. The specialists approach patients based on their unique needs. If you need a different specialist from the one you are assigned, you’re always free to switch. The priority of the service is your satisfaction.

Website Interface and Customer Support

With a polished design, you can access every section of the website conveniently. You can use any device for your sessions. Clients can make inquiries at any time with the surety of getting the responses they need promptly.

What You Should Know About TalkspaceTherapy

Your mental condition should never prevent you from achieving your life goals when Talkspace is here to make things easy for you. The therapists here understand all mental health conditions and are ready to offer treatment and the effective coping strategies you need. The service has assisted 1,000,000+ patients, which makes it the best online therapy service. What are the details you need?

You Deal with Experienced Therapists

With 7+ years of experience in this field, Talkspace has offered excellent therapy services over the period. The service recruits the best counselors to form part of its team. It is these professionals that have helped the service to be known globally. The specialists are licensed, certified, have 3000+ counseling experience hours, and understand patients.

How Does This Therapy Service Work?

If you need online counseling on a friendly platform, Talkspace is the one you should consider. After you create your account using an email address and a nickname, you provide details of what you need in counseling. The service links you to an excellent therapist who meets your needs.

Customer Experience at the Therapy Service

Patients are always happy with what they receive here. Whenever you need assistance, you can always contact a therapist. Moreover, you can assess the previous interactions and implement the recommendations.

The Payment Plans Available at Talkspace

As a patient, the service offers 3 packages to choose from. A $65 weekly payment gives you access to unlimited. With $79 weekly pay, you have unlimited counseling and a 30-minute live session. If you need 4 live sessions a month in addition to the basic packs, you pay $99 weekly.

BetterHelpTherapy and Its Services

The service has helped clients since 2013. You can always rely on them for affordable assistance with your mental health complications. The online therapist you find here can always offer the assistance you need.

How to Sign Up for Counseling

The company has a straightforward process for obtaining help. Create an account and provide details such as what is troubling you and the type of counselor you need. The service assigns a good therapist, and you can commence your sessions after that.

What Are the Pricing Options Available for You?

The service has different packages, and every patient can choose what suits them. Your weekly payments are between $40 and $70 and are billed monthly. Annual payments can help you save as you are given a discount. If you want to experience what an online psychiatrist offers here, you can choose the 7-day free trial package.

The Specific Sessions and Therapies Available

The service wants to offer convenience to its clients. The cost plans are different, and you can always make inquiries from the support team. What are the options you have?

Unlimited messaging
Live chats
Phone calls
Live video calls
A Comprehensive AmwellTherapy Review

Another reliable platform that you should consider when you require therapy online is Amwell. The service has assisted thousands of patients who always appreciate what is offered. What do you need to know about it?

How Does the Service Work for Clients?

You do not pay anything when creating an account at Amwell. Additionally, you can make your payments through insurance. The company provides dermatology services as well. You can schedule your sessions as soon as you create an account.

Who Are the Service Therapists Here?

The company believes that you deserve the best online therapy. Therefore, they require the best psychologists to help you with your mental health concerns. The professionals are experienced, knowledgeable, certified, and always available to help you. Additionally, they understand patients’ concerns and offer the best remedies for you.

Therapy Service Payment Plans and Packages

When you want a therapy service that offers assistance at flexible rates, do not overlook Amwell. They offer transparent rates that vary depending on the specific online psychologist you need. The payments for Ph.D. and Master’s degree psychologists are $99 and $110, respectively. Their therapy sessions are always 45 minutes long.

When Are the Therapy Services Offered?

Are you always busy and can only access therapy services late in the evening or during weekends? Amwell has you covered. You can choose a schedule every day between 7 in the morning and 11 in the evening.

A Detailed Doctor on Demand Review for You

If you need therapy counseling through videoconferencing, Doctor on Demand can offer that. The service has helped mental health patients since 2012. They focus on providing help to clients from the comfort of their homes.

What Ate the Services You Should Expect?

When you need a therapy service that can offer help with different mental health issues under one roof, Doctor on Demand is here. Whether you are suffering from an anxiety disorder, depressed, finding it hard to manage grief, or need assistance to deal with insomnia, this is the place for you. They can also assist with allergies and management of injuries from sporting activities.

How Does One Sign Up for Therapy Services?

You can either register through the service website or install an app. Specify that you want to ‘Join’. Provide essential details, including your email. Give information about your condition so that you can get the best professional. Everything at this service is straightforward.

Payment Packages

The service believes in transparency. Charges are based on the session duration. A psychology appointment costs $129 if it is 25 minutes long and $179 if it is a 50-minute one. For a psychiatric consultation, you pay $299 for 45 minutes. A follow-up that is 15 minutes long costs $129. The firm accepts insurance cover.

Who Are the Service Specialists Here?

The company wants to ensure that patients are comfortable. Therefore, they hire the best specialists in this field. Whether your condition needs therapy or medication, the service can always assist you.

Struggling with a Mental Condition? Seek Help

All these services are good for you. However, you should choose the one that meets your unique specifications. Request assistance today for improved mental well-being.

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