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Right Activist Blasts Buhari, APC Govt Over Fuel Price Hike, New Electricity Tariff



Comrade Waheed Saka

The Director of Program, Centre for Sustained Dialogue, Comrade Waheed Saka has described the dual approval of new electricity tariff and increment in pump price of petrol as the highest level of insensitivity and wickedness from president Muhammad Buhari led APC government.

According to Saka Waheed, everything about the new tariff regime speaks about how insensitive and wicked the leaders of this country has become even in a democracy.

How on earth will anybody happily approved a new tariff régime and increment in pump price of petrol at a time our people are still languishing in pains and pangs triggered by lockdown due to Covid 19 pandemic? How on earth will successive leaders of our nation kowtow to the world bank/IMF directives without due diligence on the negative impact such directive will have on the citizen of this country? Saka asked Rhetorically

The activist stated that, the distribution companies who failed in their responsibility to metered all households despite the outcry of the people will now have presidential backing to further exploit the people through the evil, insensitive and wicked increasing in tariff.

On the incessant increase in petrol price since the end of lockdown, Saka argued that the government has shown that the only time our government is enforcing any policy is when the policy is against the masses, and we can not have a stabilized economy when we continue to increase the fuel at every slight opportunity to satisfy external influence rather than our people.

Nigeria and Nigerians deserved better, this government promised better and constant supply of electricity, they promised no more queue, more refineries which will lead to low pump price but it is unfortunate we will now pay more for darkeness, pay more for pump price of petrol, it is a sorry turn of event for a government that promised so much but giving ordinary citizen many reasons to gnashing their teeth due to untold pains and pangs. Saka submitted

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