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Islamic Scholar Cautions Oluwo on Religious Practice



 By Segun Adeyemo
oluwo leads Eid prayer
The first Nigerian to bag Ph.D. in Islamic Law from University Of Medina, Dr. Sirajudeen Al-Asrau has cautioned the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi on religious practices as Islam is concerned.
Al-Asrau in an interview with journalists said that Oba Akanbi’s alleged religious excesses is becoming intolerable in Iwoland because of the monarch’s attitude to foist himself on religious leaders in the town and take their Islamic functions.
Part of the excesses of the Oluwo, according to Al-Asrau, was his alleged lordship attitude on the Chief Imam of Iwo, Sheik Mudasiru Akinlade who was not allowed to perform his Islamic function by leading the last Eid-el-Fitri prayer by the tradional ruler.
The Islamic scholar said that Oba Akanbi has no justification under islamic jurisprudence to lead Muslims in the Eid-el-Fitri prayer.
Al-Asrau also cautioned the Oluwo to stop equating God, Prophet Muhammad and Jesus with deities like Oranmiyan, Ogun, Obatala and other small gods and goddesses.
He said: “Islam is different from the Yoruba tradition and anybody that wants to practice Islam must follow the dictate of almighty Allah and his prophet on how to worship in Islamic way. To lead ‘solat’, you need Islamic knowledge.
“What Oba Akanbi did at the last Eid-el-Fitri prayer in Iwo is condemnable. He is the leader of everybody in Iwo, either Muslim or Christian, by tradition. The Chief Imam is the leader of all Muslims, including the Oluwo at every Muslim prayer.
“Oba Akanbi is wrong to have forced himself on the chief Imam and led the Eid-el-Fitri prayer. The monarch has little or no knowledge about Islam and he displayed this during the Eid-fitr congregational prayer that he led.”
“Worshiping Allah and practicing His religion requires better understanding. Anybody who wants to play safe in Islamic matters should fundamentally seek for knowledge. After all, there is no sin in seeking for knowledge.”
“It is unfortunate that, the monarch is equating Oduduwa with Prophet Muhammad and Jesus, and that whenever his name (Oduduwa) is mentioned the Yorubas both Muslims and Christians are duty bound to pour adoration and blessing on him by saying; may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him.”
“This type of person cannot be a pious Muslim under the Islamic laws. He can do anything he likes and anyhow with the Yoruba tradition, but he cannot force himself on Muslims leaders because he is bereft of Islamic knowledge to be a Muslim leader.”
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