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Court adjourns Metuh’s trial till tomorrow



A Federal High Court on Tuesday, January 26 stood down the trial of Olisa Metuh over lateness from prison officials.

On calling the case, a counsel, Susuwam who is holding brief for the defense counsel, Sylvester Tahir prayed the court to stand down the case pending the arrival of Metuh from Kuje prison.

Susuwam said he had called the officer in charge of bringing inmates who informed him that they are on their way coming.

Having no objections from the defense counsel, the judge over the case, Okon Abang said officials must learn to take timing serious.

He said he already had a timeframe for which the present matter should stay in court.

Adding that he also needed to round off with the matter to enable him attend to another matter in Lagos.

An angry Abang said: “The prison officials cannot keep holding this matter down, so tell them, this is the last time I will be standing a matter down for them.”

“It all depends on the attitude of the prison officials, if they make up their mind to be here before 9 am they will make it, unless they are used to coming to court late.” Abang said.

He went further to add: “This matter has been reluctantly stood down to 10 am at the instance of the prosecution.”

But just as the judge finished his statement, the prison officials walked in as the prosecution announced that the accused person has arrived.

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