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Why I support Soji Adagunodo for Osun PDP chairmanship-Oduoye….-Says Congress ‘ll Stabilize, restructure PDP





The House of Representatives candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for Ifelodun/Boripe/Odo-Otin Federal Constituency in the 2015 general elections, Barr. Kayode Oduoye has said that the forthcoming congress of the PDP would no doubt rebuild and reposition the party in Osun state and Nigeria at large.

According to Oduoye, the PDP convention would ensure and strengthen the unity within the party, and as well give room for fresh political ideas needed to put the party in the right direction.

Oduoye in a telephone interview with CityMirrorNews on Sunday said: “PDP as a political party is structured and built on pragmatic democratic ideologies from the onset. As a result, this forthcoming congress and national convention will allow us display genuine democratic principles for the world to see.

“This is what has endeared and kept millions of membership of the party across the country and in the diaspora as the biggest party in Africa whose foundation was built on the principles of equity, justice and fair play. These have also further strengthened the unity within the party in spite of all odds.

“This forthcoming Congress will further enable PDP rebuild, restructure and reposition our party for the election ahead and present structures that will allow the party present to Nigerians new, better and quality leadership to advance this state/country forward.”

Speaking on the state congress, Oduoye maintained that the time has come for members of the party to make a good decision on who to lead it to attain victory.

According to him, ‘congress will afford us the good opportunity to lay the right structures we require to democratically elect new faces of leadership in our party that will assist in restructuring and repositioning our party in all our wards/Local governments and the state specifically. This without doubt will prepare us for the elections (2018 &2019) ahead.’

Oduoye, who declared his support for Hon. Soji Adagunodo candidature, stated that the PDP needs a good and virtuous leader to restructure the party and united all the aggrieved members.

He said: “Hon. Soji Adagunodo is my choice candidate for the position of the chairman of our party/PDP in Osun State. I need to say that his declaration of his intention to run for the chairmanship position of our party has heralded the return of some major political gladiators back into the party already. That alone is a sign of good omen and great things to come.

“I have pitched my tent with Adagunodo’s campaign team because he is humility personified; he is a man of impeccable character and honesty, he is a bridge builder between those who have left the party and those of us still in the party and he is a true example that dignity and hardwork with faith in God pays off.

“The personality of Hon Adagunodo appeals to all and sundry; he is the missing link the party has been looking for between the elites & non-elites in the party; he is a true generalismo that is fearless, bold and courageous and the youth segment of our party see him as the beckon of hope for a better and greater tomorrow in this party.”

adagunodoHon. Soji Adagunodo

Oduoye described Adagunodo as easily accessible to relate with; symbol of selfless service and sacrifice, adding that his antecedents is a sure proof that he has all it takes to lead the party to greater heights.

When asked about his ambition, Oduoye said: “This is not the time to talk about ambitions. As I always say, ‘You can’t build something on nothing’. My focus and attention right now is for PDP to be better structured, positioned and restructured for what is ahead of us. When the party is properly positioned, structured and stabilized for the challenges ahead, then we (our team) will start putting the right pegs in the right wholes.

“For now, my attention is on building a strong, reputable, solid, informed and reliable party that the masses can trust to lead the people of Osun out of this present economic and socio-political quagmire Ogbeni Aregbesola has wrecked the ship into.”