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I’m not protesting, not because I “stand with Buhari” –Remi Sonaiya



Prof Remi Sonaiya 2

In 2012, I went from Ife to Lagos to join in the Occupy Nigeria protests at the Freedom Park in Lagos. This time I’m not protesting. And it’s not because I “stand with Buhari”.

Yes, there are serious challenges, but things could be better handled. My concern now is more about unions. Should they merely seek to defend members’ welfare, not care about the nation’s total wellbeing?

It’s time for unions to “diversify” strategies; these constant strikes haven’t helped much anyway. Also, they should care about members’ productivity and the quality of the products? If Nigeria products can’t compete, what’s the point?

Unions should also intervene before decisions are made – lobbying the legislators, protesting policies that may adversely affect us all. When ex CBN Gov Sanusi revealed that 25% of basic budget was consumed by NASS, what did Labour do then? We should seek to prevent such.

Even now, much is still going on that workers should rise against. I’d be glad to picket NASS till they cut their pay, make it all public. I’m saying, let’s all focus on how to develop the country, not just be concerned about the slice of the national cake that we’re getting.
Remi Sonaiya
Presidential Candidate for Kowa Party of Nigeria’s 2015 Election.
Retired Professor of French & Applied Linguistics

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