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Rule of Law Between APC, PDP administration



Rule of Law in Nigeria Funny Nigerians!!! Suddenly all the slumbering lawyers, some of whom were defenders of Patience Jonathan are out. They now know and remember the principle of Rule of Law.


When Patience Jonathan paraded herself as First Lady and even brandished official seal, an office not recognised by our constitution, these guys didnt remember Rule of Law. When Abba Moro abused his office and scammed unemployed Nigerian youths and went scot free under the watchful gaze of his protector GEJ, these empty heads didnt remember the Rule of Law. When the Governors’ Forum conducted an election and Amaechi had 19 votes against the 16 votes of his opponents, GEJ and his gang.insisted that 16 was greater than 19, these guys were silent. When Stella Oduah did her thieving and abuse of office under oga at the top and walked scot free, these guys didnt remember Aristotle or A.V Dicey essays on Rule of Law. When Fayose enter courtroom and beat up a Judge. No Rule of Law. When Obanikoro threatened a military General, rigged an election (all caught on camera), and was compensated by GEJ with a political office, these guys didnt bleat Rule of Law. When a sitting Governor and Speaker of House of Representatives plane was grounded on “Orders from above”, wailers didn’t remember Rule of Law. When Amaechi was Prevented from entering Government House Port Harcourt as a sitting Governor by a weak Police CP Mbu, they didn’t remember Rule of Law. When 5 out of 32 Rivers lawmakers sat and “impeached” the Speaker, these “Rule of Law” guys were silent. But when President Buhari went after the yam eaters and gave Nnamdi Kanu a long excursion trip and view of how life is like for an animal caged in a “zoo”, these guys are out, tap running their mouth and lecturing us about Rule of Law. Folks, take that lecture to USA/Britain/France, where were you guys when they invaded Iraq against UN laws, Libya nko? What about Morocco? How about Guantanamo Bay where people are detained without trial? We want our yams and knowing how stubborn goats can be, President Buhari has our support to use whatever means necessary to get our yams back! All we need is our yams back!!  As for Nnamdi Kanu, well, i have always questioned the intelligence of this man who called a place a Zoo and wilfully walked through the gated cage of the Zoo knowing full well that he had previously earned the attention of the Zoo Keeper through vexatious insults. ” #GodBlessPMB #GodBlessNigeria



NOTE: The article is not the editorial/opinion of CityMirrorNews.

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