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Confusion as Corpses Go Missing at Graveyards In Eripa



There is palpable fear in Eripa, an ancient town in Boluwaduro Local Government of the Osun State.

Corpses at the Muslim and Christian burial grounds, along Otan road, Eripa were said to be missing at the graveyards, it was learnt.

No fewer than 20 corpses have reportedly missed from the burial grounds.

The nearest assumption by the people of the community is that the corpses were been stolen by unknown people for rituals.

Some of the corpses were left on the ground after being exhumed, a development that might lead to epidemic in the community.

Sources disclosed that some of the exhumed corpses were without head, hands, legs and other sensitive parts of the body.

Residents around the burial grounds and farmers that take the graveyard route to their farms got to know the incident when offensive odour pervaded the air, disturbing the healthy living of the people.

It was gathered that the spread of the offensive odour forced the residents to check the cemetery and they discovered that some of the corpses have been exhumed and stolen.

CityMirrorNews gathered that the residents informed members of the community on their observation.

Some of the people who have corpses at the cemeteries rushed down there and discovered that the remains of the deceased relatives have been exhumed and carted away.

A source confided in CityMirrorNews that the stealing of the corpses or their parts has been happening in Eripa for a long time and became rampant in June.

The source said: “The issue of stealing of corpses at the graveyard is not new, and it is happening at Muslim and Christian cemeteries. But the issue became rampant in June and people were panicking in the town.

“In some cases, complete corpse will be stolen, in another case; the parts of the corpses would be cut off and stolen. The corpses would be left on the ground to decompose which will generate offensive odour.”

“Recently, we went to bury the remains of the deceased son of the Chief Imam of Eripa, Alhaji Soliu Oyefolahan and there was rumour that the corpse has been exhumed and stolen. The rumour went viral and people were reigning curses on the perpetrators of the act.

“As at now, we have not heard a new case of corpse stealing. The community has been working on it and we pray that the perpetrators will be arrested very soon.”