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Prophet Rejects N.5million Donation in Church Service



****Tagged it Blood Money, Bans Donor and Wife from the Church

Michael Olanrewaju.


In an era when financial crunch is affecting all sectors in Nigeria including the Church, it is amazing that the General Overseer of Christ Worshipers Church, Osubi, Effurun, Warri, Delta State, Dr. Prophet Duromola Adedayo Samuel on Sunday rejected a cheque donation of N500,000 that would have been the highest single donation by a supposed member.

Rejecting the donation openly in the Church auditorium before the large congregation that came for the Church’s youth harvest thanksgiving service in what poses like an anti-climax in a play or on the screen, Prophet Samuel tagged it “blood money” as he accused the man (name withheld) of ritualism and occultism.

Before sending the man and his wife out of the church and banning them outright, the man of God exposed him of membership of three different occultic groups which he openly consented to in the presence of the congregation.

The plea by the wife that she had prevailed on her husband to stop occultism to no avail did not stop the man of God from banning them from the church.

Prophet Samuel exposed the man of having about One hundred million ritual money in the Bank account from which the cheque was drawn which the donor concurred but he added that the church don’t want blood money.

He also exposed the fact that wife had married the donor for the past eleven years without any offspring because the womb had been used for rituals to the surprise of the wife and the congregation.

Asked if the money cannot be sanctified with prayers, made holy and use for God’s work, Prophet Samuel said that “in the presence of God, black is black; bad is bad; white is white; good is good. For any man of God to think or say he can pray to turn blood money into a clean one is a deceit””.

Also, asked if this cannot affect the membership of the church, he retorted that he is interested in those that want to genuinely serve God and not those who will use ritual money to destroy the church as a spiritual church.

To him, God cannot be bribed as human beings by donating ritual money into a church. Is it to serve as an atonement?