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Corruption has eaten deep into judiciary, says Fayose



Ekiti State Governor Ayo Fayose yesterday came hard on the Judiciary, alleging that it is riddled with corruption.

Its judgments, he claimed, are for sale to the highest bidder.

He said the institution must be purged for the battle against corruption to be won.

Fayose spoke at a special service at the Cathedral Church of Emmanuel, Okesa, Ado-Ekiti, to mark the beginning of a New Legal Year.

The governor alleged that judges now lobby to be appointed to serve in election tribunals to make money and influence judgment in favour of their political friends.


Fayose said: “The judiciary has the power of life and death but this sensitive arm of government has been compromised and most judgments in Nigeria today are monetised.

“If the battle against corruption can be won between the Bar and the Bench, it will be won in the society.

“Due to the cancer of financial inducement that has eaten deep into our judicial system, it is only in Nigeria that a political armed robber will orchestrate the trial of somebody before a corrupt judge, all in the name of waging anti- corruption war.

“When there are glaring facts on the table of anti-corruption agencies, they will pretend not to see or look the other way, especially if the culprit is a member of their  party or under the directive of the power that be.

“That is why some judges are timid in giving judgments against the ruling party. Such individuals are judged on the pages of newspaper and consequently confirmed by the willing judges.

“It gets more worrisome when facts have revealed that most of these judgements were written by lawyers for some compromised judges.

“Some judges  also have cases assigned to them to do a shoddy job, thereby descending into unwholesomeness.

“Other instances are when judges have to recommend lawyers to clients.

“A lot of human rights activist lawyers have been working with some judges to destroy the lives of innocent Nigerians for pecuniary benefits and cheap popularity.

“I, therefore, want our judges to understand that after here, there  is  another judgement. As for me, I have never and will never  influence judgement for whatever reason. In Ekiti, for instance, I don’t have the telephone numbers of judges.

“If Nigeria is to move forward and for us to have a just society, the judiciary has a major role to play and must be seen doing so.

“This address does not imply that the judiciary is totally devoid of some credible and incorruptible judges, whose conducts are commendable.

“I won’t end this address without referring you to Hebrews 9:27 where is it said that it is appointed for men to die once and after this judgment.

“We should remember that all human actions will be rewarded by God Almighty.”

The Bishop of Ekiti Diocese, Anglican Communion, Rev Christopher Omotunde, urged members of the judiciary to allow the fear of God to guide them.

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