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Young Virgins Initiated Into Womanhood In Rivers Community



Some young virgins were initiated into womanhood during the famous Iria ceremony in Ogu town in Ogu-Bolo Local Government Area of Rivers State.

The community gathered lots of attention on social media over the pictures of its annual Iria festival, a ceremony that ushers in young virgins into womanhood.

A report earlier revealed that the Iria, a ceremony of womanhood, is an ancient festival of the Okrika people organised by various towns, particularly in December and January period.

The event dates back to the 16th century and has continued to trigger excitement from both locals and outsiders as people look forward to the last three to four months of every year to have not only a glimpse but a full view of breasts–baring maidens being initiated into womanhood.

Apart from being a natural source of entertainment, the Iria Festival is seen as a yearly competition, which families in Okrika take advantage of to showcase chastity as parents present their virgin daughters and get them ready for the fattening room, where they are fed with body-nourishing meals, especially pounded yam mixed with pounded plantain and fresh fish.