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Moment Yinka Ayefele’s Kids Asked Him Why He Can’t Stand Again



Renowned Nigerian gospel artiste,Yinka Ayefele, recently had a candid conversation with his sons, delving into the unforgettable motor accident that left him confined to a wheelchair.

The emotional moment showcased the undeniable love and connection between the father of three and his children.

In a video shared on his Instagram account captioned “They always want me to stand up… And they kept asking me why every day, even up till last night… I tried hard not to be emotional… Indeed, it was ‘My turning point. 12/12/1997’. To God be the Glory,” Ayefele was seen lying on a bed with his kids, engaging in a heart-to-heart discussion.

His son, Richard, driven by curiosity, directly questioned his father about why he couldn’t stand on his feet.

Ayefele responded, revealing that he was involved in an accident.

Little Richard, still curious, persistently sought more details.

The singer then explained that it was an auto crash that occurred during the festive season on December 12, 1997.

Curious about the car accident, Little Richard and the other kids listened as Yinka described how he was driving on a slippery road when his car somersaulted six times and landed in a deep pit within a bush.

Ayefele recounted being rescued by Good Samaritans who promptly took him to the hospital.

He shared that he later underwent further treatment in London for better recovery.

During the conversation, Ayefele noticed his son’s concern, assuring him that he would be fine and expressing confidence in his ability to walk someday.

In the video, Ayefele also disclosed how his son encouraged him to try standing up from his wheelchair and engage in exercises to aid his recovery and regain the ability to walk.

On December 12, 1997, Ayefele was involved in an automobile accident, which damaged his spinal cord and confined him to a wheelchair.

The singer and his wife, Temitope, welcomed their set of triplets in 2019.