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Reactions As Man Vows To Return To Nigeria After Discovering A Tuber Of Yam Is N5K In UK



Nigerian man living in the United Kingdom has expressed the desire to relocate to his motherland after being frightened by the price of foodstuff.

He visited a shopping mall and discovered that a tuber of yam is being sold for £5 which is approximately N5,000 at black market rate.

In a video making the rounds on social media, the young man said anybody who claims Nigeria is not good does not know anything.

He vowed to leave the European nation for Nigeria because the cost of living there was unexplainably high and he could not cope.

Iheremenam kalechi ;Your Mumu no too much?

I rather buy a tuber of yam 1m abroad than return to this country, cus am sure God will always give me more than 1m everyday for so many other bills

adeoluolatomide; Are you spending Nigerian currency, though? The system works over there, better rest!

de_real_chinny; Oga!🙄 Do you spend naira there?? Any small thing una buy una go convert am naira.. Thieves😒

chuzzyofficial; All i know is Nigeria will be great again and we won’t need to rushing to japa like our lives depends on it. Everything is POssible. #VoteWisely

_deagram; So far this year, UK people have been through a lot. If you want to relocate to Nigeria because of this, I respect your decision. Lol

rhukieee; Humans, they can never be satisfied

callmedamy; Because you dey collect salary in pounds … do come back may you come dey collect naira 😂

jeffryprettypretty; Go Nigeria make you go chop yam, since yam is your problem, mtcheew