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CCTV Evidence Reveals Baba Ijesha Kissing, Fondling Minor



A CCTV footage has shown that Nollywood actor, Baba Ijesha, kissed and fondled delicate parts of the body of a female minor.

The Nollywood actor, Olanrewaju Omiyinka, aka Baba Ijesha, had been arrested over allegations of sexually abusing a minor.

The Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) footage revealed Baba Ijesha kissing and fondling delicate parts of the body of the 14-year-old girl in the care of popular comedienne, Damilola Adekoya.

According to a review of the video by The PUNCH, Omiyinka, while engaging in the ungodly act, was also seen licking the fingers on the victim’s left hand and caressing the minor’s legs and thighs with his left hand.

In a seeming effort to sexually stimulate the minor, Omiyinka was seen lifting the teenager’s dress as he caressed the minor’s body.

The minor who was clad in a sleeveless gown sat on a sofa in Adekoya’s residence while Omiyinka wore a white shirt, a pair of blue jeans and a hat.

The CCTV video revealed that immediately Adekoya stepped out of the house, Omiyinka, who sat beside the victim on the same sofa, was seen using his hand to caress the victim’s left arm.

Before Omiyinka started the act, Princess was seen leaving her apartment with three others, leaving Omiyinka and the victim in the parlour to see off the visitors.

Once Adekoya stepped out of the apartment, Omiyinka was seen searching the rooms.

Omiyinka kissed the minor’s arm some minutes later, hugged and caressed her body as they sat on the sofa.

However, the teenage girl, who was uncomfortable by Omiyinka’s sexual advances, quickly untangled herself from the actor’s grip.

He was again seen in the video, standing with the victim in the parlour, hugging the minor and using his two hands to caress the victim’s buttocks.

The footage also showed him bending the victim to a corner on the sofa and kissing the minor, again, the 14-year-old girl disengaged herself from Omiyinka’s grip.

From the onset, it was observed in the video that Baba Ijesha initiated the sexual advances.

In a footage shared online by Iyabo Ojo in the course of the week, Baba Ijesha was seen apologizing for what he did while attributing it to a spiritual problem and battle.

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