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How Coach Allegedly Defiled, Impregnated 14-yr-old Trainee In Osun



-He Claimed He Wanted To Do Fitness Training On Me – Victim

-I Was Unconscious, Didn’t Know What I Did – Coach

There is an ongoing sex scandal at the Osun State Sports Council, investigations by OSUN DEFENDER have revealed.

The two-week old scandal has generated controversies between the management of the Sports Council, the alleged perpetrator and the parents of the victim.

Investigations revealed that the Lawn Tennis Coach, Mr. Yinka Akinrinade, was allegedly caught in immoral sexual affairs with his trainees.

Akinriande allegedly defiled and impregnated a 14-year-old girl (name withheld) who is a trainee under his supervision.

OSUN DEFENDER also learnt that Akinrinade, on the same day he allegedly raped the trainee, also defiled his own 13-year-old daughter (name withheld).

The medium learnt that Akinrinade allegedly defiled the two girls on the same day when they went for a tennis competition in Lagos State in September this year.

According to findings, the 14-year-old trainee, was confirmed pregnant a month after the incident.

However, Akinrinade did not deny, nor confirm raping the young girls.

The coach who spoke with OSUN DEFENDER on Thursday said he was not sure if the rape allegation against him was true, saying he might have carried out the act under the influence of alcohol.

According to Akinrinade, he met himself naked inside the girls’ hotel room after drinking alcoholic herb, stating that he didn’t know how he got to their room.

He said: “I remember that when we went for a competition in Lagos, I complained of pile and Coach Saka introduced an herb to me, he said it was not alcoholic and that I wouldn’t be intoxicated. I don’t drink alcohol, but unfortunately, I didn’t know the said pile herb was prepared with alcohol.

“Immediately I drank the herb, I was unconscious. I can’t remember what happened after that. I have never tasted alcohol in my life, that would be the first time I would experience alcohol. So, I can’t remember what I did with the girls.

“It was in the following morning that I found myself naked in their room. I asked them if anything happened between us and they said nothing happened. Everything ended there.

“After we returned from another competition in Delta State, the two trainees fell sick. I took my own to hospital and it was revealed that she had typhoid and ulcer. I called the mother of the other trainee to take her to hospital and I was persistent on that till after two weeks before her mother could take her to hospital.

“When the mother called to inform me that the trainee was pregnant, I questioned who owned the pregnancy and how it came to being. Her mother later called back and told me they were given wrong test result, that her daughter was not pregnant.

“Later, I received a call to come to Sports Council, Stadium, Osogbo where I met the trainee and her mother. A colleague of mine called me aside and informed me that I was accused of having canal knowledge of the trainee. Then my mind went back to what happened in Lagos. I could not say if I am responsible for the pregnancy or not. I didn’t know what happened that night.”

Narrating how the incident happened, the trainee told OSUN DEFENDER on Wednesday that her coach, Akinriande, allegedly took advantage of her on the pretence that he wanted to conduct fitness training on her.

According to her, the coach called her from her own room to his hotel room, saying he wanted to carry out a fitness training on her.

She said: “We went for a competition in Lagos State. And during our stay, the coach called me to his hotel room and said he wanted to carry out fitness training on me; that he always do same to all girls under him.

“He told me to lie on the bed and off my clothe. That is how he defiled me and told me not to tell anyone. He threatened to deal with me if I tell my parents. After that, he told me to call his daughter too for same claimed fitness training.

“I asked what happened when Mary came back to our room and she was just smiling. The coach is the one who defiled me. I have never had any intimacy with a man before. The coach even told me that, that is how he do have sex with his two daughters.

“I got to know I was pregnant when I started falling sick and my parents took me for test. He was not drunk as claimed by him. I want Justice from the government, he should face the consequence of his action.”

However, OSUN DEFENDER visited the premise of the Osun State Sports Council at Osogbo Township Stadium on Monday for further findings.

According to some staff members of the council who spoke with the medium under condition of anonymity, one of the raped trainees was 13-week pregnant, while the other victim was also showing symptoms of pregnancy.

A copy of the pregnancy test carried out on the first victim at a private laboratory in Osogbo, which was sighted by OSUN DEFENDER indicated that the trainee was indeed pregnant.

According to the staff members, Akinrinade had in the past allegedly slept with two of his trainees.

Speaking with OSUN DEFENDER on Monday, the victim’s father, Mr. Muniru Iwalewa, described Akinrinade’s action as an abomination which could soil the reputation of the sports council and that of the state government if not properly handled.

Iwalewa urged the state government to make sure the coach face the consequence of his action.

The father who spoke in an emotion laden voice said Akinrinade told his daughter that he was going to carry out a fitness training on her as being done by other coaches.

He noted that the girl was defiled and impregnated during the process.

The father said: “What the coach did is an abomination which requires necessary punishment from the authority. How can a grown-up man defiled and impregnated a girl we asked him to train! What lesson is he teaching these girls”?

Speaking on how the girl’s pregnancy was detected, the father asserted that he compelled her mother to take her to the hospital after she was fallen sick.

Iwalewa said: “I discovered she was fallen sick and I compelled her mother to take her to our family doctor for test and treatment, it was at that point we discovered she was pregnant.

“We asked her who is responsible for the pregnancy and she said it is her coach. She told us the coach defiled her and his own daughter under the guise of carrying out fitness training on them”.

However, Akinrinade, in a 44-minute WhatsApp audio message obtained by OSUN DEFENDER was pleading for forgiveness from the victim’s father while calling for settlement.

Akinrinade in the audio described his action as the work of the devil.

The medium gathered that Akinrinade has been queried by the sport council while a petition has been written against him at the State Criminal Investigation Department, Osogbo.

Source: Osun Defender