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Create Something, Be A Blessing To The World -Pastor Tobi Adegboyega charges believers



By Our Correspondents

A passionate call has gone to believers across all walks of life to live a life of impact that will be obsessed with inventing, creating and ultimately be a blessing to humanity.

This admonition was given by Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, the Global Lead Pastor of London based SPAC Nation family during their family meeting in the United Kingdom.

Quoting from Genesis 12:2, Pastor Tobi said the covenant of God with Abraham who is the father of faith was to bless him exceedingly well stressing that offsprings of Abraham are created to be blessed.

He counselled that to be blessed as promised by God “we need to be open to invention as Jesus Christ who is our Lord is an inventor pointing out that every other invention pales into insignificance when compared with the exploits of the Lord Jesus.

The philanthropic and unconventional minister of the gospel explained that everything that makes an individual great is around him or her and should be tapped effectively.

“Some of the things you want to solve tomorrow were put in your life so as to make the name God put in you to make positive effect in life.Everything that makes you great is around you, and this also applies to nations. Every nation needs to look inward to be great.”

Pastor Tobi further stated that all inventions made by man are obsession based explaining that there has to be a healthy level of obsession for man to invent, leave his mark on the sands of time and be a blessing to humanity

In his words, “people got obsessed to the point where they turned water which is a natural resource into a business venture as creation by bottling it.

Speaking further The SPAC Nation Global Leader touched on the ministry of help. According to him, the greatest female that God created was Eve and she was to spearhead the ministry of help.

“Eve knew that she was supposed to be a helper to Adam. She wanted to be educated to carry out her function but she unfortunately met with the serpent and got educated the wrong way. Whatever the case is, find what you were created for. Find your purpose.”

PT went on by saying that he is obsessed with giving as that he is obsessed with getting better with giving because he believes that is how he will find the big bang key that will change the world for all.

“Many of us are too spiritual with the way we handle things. Even the Lord Jesus found a balance between the spiritual and the physical. Jesus was obsessed with fulfilling his mandate and made sure he got the needed education. Obsession gives you real and functional education.”

He reiterated firmly that SPAC Nation London was created to be a blessing and charged the Nation family to be obsessed with improving and being a blessing to humanity as that is what can bring the change that we are all charged to make.

“Money is not to be stored up; it is to be used to change people’s lives. I also believe the Church is the largest hedge fund in the world that should be the catalyst for change and ultimately help people around us to be blessed.”

In his closing remark, Pastor Tobi dramatically looked and pointed in different directions with the word “Create something! and make your positive impacts on the society'”

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