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Governor Bello Bans Kogi State University ASUU



Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State has proscribed the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) Kogi State University (KSU) chapter for its refusal to recognise his administration’s accepting to meet almost 90% of their demands.

Bello who spoke in Government House Lokoja after a council deliberation on the matter declared all activities of ASUU in the university as illegal from 19th, July 2017.

He also directed the management of the university to deem all academic staff of the institution who fail to resume their normal academic activities as having resigned from the employment of the State Government and the university and to treat them accordingly.

The Governor also ordered the management to take immediate steps to find and engage suitable replacements for all crucial staff vacancies including those that have left or may wish to leave and who deemed to have left the service of Kogi State University pursuant to the proclamation.

“In effect, the Governing Council of the University and the management of KSU and the management of the ministry of education are hereby directed to immediately start the process of employing all categories of academic staff.”

Bello also directed all the relevant security agencies to be on the look out and live up to their responsibilities to ensure there is no break down of law and order as a result of this proclamation.

“Accordingly the Kogi State Government hereby make the proclamation and declare all activities of ASUU in KSU from today 19th, July 2017 proscribed.”

The governor pointed out that his Government was forced to take the drastic measures to save the students from the prolonged strike that has lasted for seven months inspire of the olive branch he extended to them.

He blamed ASUU-KSU and her members for embarking on the seven months strike for no justifiable course.

Bello said they have deliberately persisted in the breach of their responsibilities as employees of Kogi State Government working in an institution founded to provide essential services in education.

He expressed the appreciation of his Government to the parents and the students for their resilience, patience and understanding during the trying times.

He promised, “Just like other State universities and some others that enjoy smooth and undisrupted academic calendar KSU shall never witness strike again. As a Government, we shall live up to our responsibilities and duties.”

He indicated that during the course of his tour of the institutions it was stated clearly by ASUU-KSU chapter that even if Kogi State Government met with their demands 100% they can only minimise the incidence of strike.

“It means paying all their salaries as at when due and meeting all their demands we cannot rule out the incidence of strike and that for whatever reason the national body decides to call for industrial action KSU chapter will join.

“I think this statement is irresponsible and our students do not deserve such treatment and we desire to have graduates that would be responsible.”

The Governor laid bare all the vouchers for payment of the salaries of all staff of the University up till June 2017 even as he declared that his Government was not owing any salary.

“We all know that education is what holds the future of this State and the country at large and as a Government education is the first in the five thematic areas and if we tackle the issue of education Kogi State would be the best for it.”

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