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Making Bulk Money from Bulk sms Business By Segun Ojo



I warmly welcome you to City Mirror News, a platform where up-to-dates stories are reported with fairness and professionalism in journalism. Success Digest column is an arena to have a gist of opportunities revolving around you and how you can tap from them to better your life and increase your financial status.

                                                                      Here we go!

It is no more a news these days that bulk sms business has been a means of livelihood to some set of group in our society and as such a few numbers of people are abreast of this development, how it works and its profitability.


                           Hey! I’ve just received a text message; permit me to read it aloud.


Message from Robert Kiyosaki, the author of a Book- Rich Dad and Poor Dad:

“The point I would like to make is that investments come and go, the market goes up and down, economies improve and crash. The world is always handing you opportunities of a lifetime, every day of your life, but all too often we fail to see them. But they are there. And the more the world changes and the more technology changes, the more opportunities there will be to allow you and your family to be financially secured for generations to come”.

That was the message sent to me by Mr. Robert Kiyosaki.

                                                      I urge you to read in between the lines.

However, before I proceed to the main body of this report which will open your inner eyes and mind to see things from different angles. Bill Gate once said, to be born poor was never a crime but accepting poverty to faith is a big crime ever committed on the planet earth. In the same spirit, you must not accept any uphill’s as faith or destiny because your inmost determines your outmost and talking about a legitimate business one can venture into that requires no startup capital ,bulk sms business is a cynosure of  all eyes if it is given a plan B.

What is Bulk SMS in the first place?

SMS means short message services, while bulk sms is simply a way of disseminating simple text messages to numerous contacts at once using the internet instead of your mobile phone and you need not go via your Telecom service providers such as MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT etc ,reason being that the charges for an sms using the Telecom service providers is higher than that offered by bulk sms resellers.



  1. It requires very little capital. There is no need to go around begging your Family and friends for money in order to get started.
  2. You can operate it during your leisure time without sacrificing your current job or career, unless you so decided to go full time.
  3. There is no limit to the amount of money you can make as long as people keep on receiving text messages.
  4. It is easier to send to numerous contacts in less than five minutes.



The very first thing you need to do in getting the business on track is to create a list of targeted customers.

The question now is who are your clients or targeted customers? Without much I do, here are the lists of your proposed clients:

  1. Schools: They use bulk sms service to inform the parents about their wards or children of upcoming school events, meetings and increase in schools fees.
  2. Companies: They use the service to inform their customers and potential customers of their products, services, promos and bonanzas.

iii.                  Churches and Mosques: They use the service to inform their members of upcoming important events, crusades and special meetings.

  1. Socialites and Wealthy individuals: They use the service to inform their new friends and business associates of special events they are going to be having such as: Birthdays, weddings, and Anniversaries etc.
  2. Banks and Supermarket: They also use this service to pass important messages to their various customers.
  3. Government parastatals: They use service of bulk sms provider to reach out important information to their members of staff and the public.

vii.                After you are done with the compilation of your clients list, make a strong move to set up a meeting with your targeted customers and use the word of mouth to explain your mission to them.

viii.              Create a contact form which will be given to your targeted customers that they will be using in collecting phone numbers of the people they want to send the messages to, the message they want to send and what the sender identification should look like. This is the name that appears as the sender of the message like that of MTN.

  1. The next action you need to take is to negotiate with your customers the charges per SMS.
  2. After reaching an agreed price, collect your money; Place an order from bulk sms provider that you have registered an account with and pay for the needed sms. An sms service provider that you can give a trial ; , etc , you may also do your own research to know which sms provider to choose.

Almost getting there!

Now Let See How The Bulk Money Can Be Generated From This Business

handset money

 In Nigeria, according to recent statistics on NCC’s website, a total of over 151million active GSM lines have been registered but let’s see current  statistics from  marketing and advertising Experts.

9% of Nigerians watch Television daily,

19% of Nigerians listen to radio daily,

5% of Nigerians read newspapers daily,

7% of Nigerians use internet daily,

80% of Nigerians use GSM phone daily. How do you think the bulk money can be made, considering your potential market, having a target audience of over 151million people is enough for you to generate lots of money from the business.

As you are aware of this statistics that over 151million Nigerians now use GSM phones and the number keep increasing daily. Let’s use a conservative number of 20million Nigerians send at least two text messages per day at the rate of N4.00 that is N160million just in one day and a whooping sum of N4.8billion in a month, can you see how the GSM operators are making bulk money from Nigerians and that is why you need to take your own share by doing business with them.

Now imagine just having 1% out of 4 .8billion that can quietly enter into your pocket. That is N480,000 for you in a month, whoa that’s pretty  big and interesting to hear but it requires strong determination and efforts to bring all these to reality. Brain Tracy said marketing is a game of number, the higher your list of clients, the huge the money you will make.

It is a pleasure having you around reading our posts. We hope you have learnt one or two things, and we urge you to invite more of your friends to like our FACEBOOK PAGE and visit our website at as we take you round the world of opportunities and how to tap from them. See you next edition.




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