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Obidients Are Behaving Like Political Bandits, Controlling Peter Obi- Bwala



Daniel Bwala, former spokesperson of the Atiku/Okowa Presidential Campaign Organisation, says Peter Obi, presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the 2023 poll, is not a decent opposition leader.

Speaking with thecable, Bwala said Obi never commends the federal government even when they get it right.

“Peter Obi does not have a history of political culture like a traditional Nigerian politician. Also, he does not have a track record of political mentorship to help people rise in politics,” Bwala said.

“Peter Obi is not a political leader. He has not identified his identity in politics. He keeps saying he is the new opposition leader in Nigeria. He thinks opposition is trolling and that is why people call him social media president. Trolling is not opposition”.

“While he is trying to copy the model of Donald Trump, he falls short of even the extremist policies of Trump.
While Trump controls his base, Obi is controlled by Obidients.

“If Trump asks his supporters to move, they move. But here, if Peter Obi wants to say anything and the Obidients ask him not to talk, he will be quiet. That is not the sign of a political leader.”

Bwala added that Obi should occasionally propose alternative policies.

Opposition is providing better policies. When something positive happens, a good opposition will say they agree with the government,” he said.

“For Peter Obi, the day something positive happens, he will disappear from social media. The day he wants to make noise, he will appear.

“He said he has a philosophy of not paying ransom for anybody. When President Tinubu said he will not pay ransom to kidnappers, we expect him to come out and say he agrees with the notion. Rather, he tweeted as if the federal government should do everything possible, including giving out money.

“His supporters, majority of who are outside Nigeria, are disgruntled and they think their problems are caused by the establishment. They are behaving like political extremists”.

“They keep talking about taking back the country but they won’t discuss policies on how they want to achieve that. They are behaving like political bandits.”