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PDP Should Face Governance And Stop Misleading The Public On Osun Finance – Ex-Finance Commissioner



_…says Oyetola’s administration has a record of credible governance, owe no salary_

Immediate past Commissioner for Finance in Osun, Mr Bola Oyebamiji has asked the People’s Democratic Party to face governance for the good of Osun people instead of misleading the populace on finance matters.

Oyebamiji in a statement said it beats one’s imagination why Governor Adeleke’s government is making issues about the State’s stock of Salary arrears, accumulated Pension, and contractual obligations most of which were attributable to the previous administration.

The statement is a reaction to a recent press release by the PDP government which alleged that the Oyetola administration left humongous debt behind.

The statement which is tagged: “Osun Financial Situation Under Oyetola’s Watch And The Many Misrepresentation By PDP Government” reads in part, “From the events of the last one-week, discerning citizens of Osun State would have sensed the signal that Osun is in for it under the recently inaugurated government of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the State. It is quite unfortunate that the new government is yet to come to term with the current realities in the State as far as governance is concerned.

“Despite the unprecedented record of credible governance by the administration of Oyetola, evidently shown by the account of Stewardships passed to the incumbent government, the way the PDP-led administration in the State commenced, and their manner of representations of facts relating to Oyetola’s Statement of stewardship confirm their very shallow idea about Modern-day Governance and their unpreparedness for the tasks ahead. While their disbelief of the bank balance of =N=14billion left behind, and Oyetola administration’s claim of no borrowing (throughout his tenor) is understandable in the first instance given the precarious economic situation in the country generally in recent time, their recent outburst on the State’s Debt stock is however unclear. It shows they are unaware of Osun’s debt stock prior Oyetola’s administration.

“The issue of Osun’s Debt has been topical in the State and across the country for years and it therefore beats one’s imagination why Governor Adeleke’s government is now making issues about the State’s stock of Salary arrears, accumulated Pension, and contractual obligations (most of which were attributable to the previous administration) at a time when the immediate past government through its ingenuity and sincerity of purpose has made remarkable achievements towards repositioning of the State in the community of the few fiscally stable States in the country. Should we remind Governor Adeleke that Osun Debt stock was the main topic of PDP campaign in the State preparatory to the July 17 Gubernatorial election?.

“As a matter of emphasis, as the immediate former Commissioner of Finance in the State, I wish to reiterate that the administration of Oyetola has no unpaid salary throughout its four years tenor. According to our records, what could have been reported against Oyetola’s administration were deductions from workers salary remittable to their cooperative societies only for the months of May and June 2019, and February 2020, amounting to =N=979,184,536.97 (Nine hundred and seventy nine million, one hundred and eighty four thousand, five hundred and thirty six Naira, ninety seven kobo only). This was due to occasional paucity of funds during the time. Whereas, settlement of this was eventually approved by Mr. Governor early last month, unfortunately, it was however suppressed by the State’s Accountant General (AG) despite a letter of plea written by the Association of Senior Civil Servant of Nigeria, Osun chapter on November 14,2022. The AG is still in the office and can be interrogated further on this.

“On the issue of Pension and Gratuity, I wish to indicate that over =N=16billion was actually paid by Oyetola’s administration during its four-year tenor. The arrears however could have been further reduced if not fully taken out but for the typical dynamics of processing of retiree’s claim.

“Aside from having a functional Debt Management Office (DMO) in the State which is the appropriate agency of government for disclosure of the State’s total indebtedness at any given time, the DMO at the Federal level is another agency in the country from where information about the State’s level of exposures could be further ascertained by the Government of Ademola Adeleke if in doubts, instead of feeding the good people of our dear State with unnecessary falsehood. Time certainly will unveil all things to posterity.

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