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The Negative Effects Of Retaining Alabi Rasheed Olalere As The Accountant General Of Osun State After Reaching His Retirement Age



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It’s no more news that Alabi Rasheed Olalere (to be addressed as outgone) Accountant General of Osun State completed his service years in the state civil service after reaching his retirement age of 60 years on Friday, 15th of March 2024.

The news trending now is that all ALABI Rasheed Olalere is giving all it takes to remain on the Accountant General seat to avoid giving account of his stewardship as the Accountant General, most especially when anti-graft agencies are reportedly beaming their search lights on him.

Governor Ademola Adeleke should be warrry of ill advice to extend the tenure of the Accountant General; Mr Governor should protect the sanctity of the civil service the government integrity.

If Alabi Olalere stays beyond a day in office, God Forbids, this will be the outcome of lawlessness and Impunity.

If the ALABI Rasheed Olalere is allowed to stay beyond his retirement age in office, there’s going to be:

Financial Mismanagement: IF an Accountant General does not leave his post at the regulated time, it normally leads to potential financial mismanagement and recklessness in which Alabi Rasheed Olalere is allegedly not free of.

Lack of Transparency: The continuous stay in office of the Accountant General will surely breed and enhance non-transparency in financial transactions.

Inefficient Operations:
Alabi Rasheed, the former Accountant General, if allowed to stay beyond a day shall surely activate inefficiency in operations in the office of the Accountant General. All the processes shall become stagnant, hindering the progress of the state and makes uninformed financial decisions. By implications, 85% percent of Accountants in all MDAs will be technically disloyal to this administration.

Alabi Olalere Rasheed shall surely leave the SPACE in line with provision of law. The office will remain and children yet unborn shall surely occupy it. The damages the present administration are trying to cause today will destroy the whole Adeleke Dynasty, even children yet unborn shall surely share from the blemishes through retaining Alabi in office even for a single day will cost them.

Alabi Olalere Rasheed should leave without further delay.

While Lagos State and other worthy serious States are pursuing INNOVATION, Osun State is pre-occupied with pursuing EVIL EXTENSION of service years. What a pity!

It is unfortunate that Mr Governor is living the grave of his administration uncovered by working against the structure of an office and the officers that will stand to defend him before EFCC and ICPC at the end of his administration (May that not happen). He should know that both him and Alabi will not be available to defend his administration. Of course, himself and his handlers have started loosing the support of the civil servants. This will not stop until when Mr Governor protects the sanctity of Office of the Accountant General .*

To before warn is to before armed.


Alhaja Olanike Oyewumi Adepoju,

Elder Olamiposi Odetoyinbo,

Comrade Amuda Rasaki Sekoni.

The Forum Of Officers in All The Ministry, Department And Agency Of Government of Osun state.

Disclaimer: This piece represents the opinion of the writers, not that of CityMirrorNews