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Bringing OSCOHEALTH To Higher Prosperity: Dr. L.O. Raheem’s Significant Contribution To Medical Sciences



Bringing OSCOHEALTH To Higher Prosperity: Dr. L.O. Raheem's Significant Contribution To Medical Sciences

The provost of Osun State College of Health Technology, Ilesa, Dr. L.O. Raheem, is commemorating one year since going into office.

He led the college’s operations for a full year with dignity, energy, and distinction.

This meticulous man with outstanding managerial and administrative abilities held sway over the college, which was founded 47 years ago. Before becoming a fully fledged independent college under the Osun State House of Assembly (Establishment) Law of 2020, the citadel of learning reportedly operated as a school for forty-three years.

The memories of the provost’s courageous actions and efforts to turn around the college’s woes, twelve months after Dr. L.O. Raheem’s appointment, continue to captivate those who doubted his ability and pique our curiosity. It came as no surprise to those who knew him. They think a man who overcame educational obstacles to become a medical laboratory scientist at the top of his field ought to be able to lead the college to prosperity.

He demonstrated to everyone that he meant business with a few decisions he made on his first day of office. In this sense, he redistributed offices and developed a new organogram that is tightly enforced. Without a doubt, L.O. Raheem is a small man with big dreams. Following his ascent to the position of provost, his subsequent deeds demonstrated his insatiable hunger and quest for advancement. His mission—to renovate and reorganize the college—is what motivates him. That would work well on a Sunday; there would have been signals on Saturday.

I had the great pleasure and honor of meeting the renowned and award-winning medical laboratory scientist who has devoted most of his life to the medical sciences a few days after he was named provost. He gave me a kind welcome and treated my entourage with dignity and composure. That’s what people do when they are new to power, a familiar voice said to me as I traveled to the realm of surprises. I was broken because I am aware of the addictive nature of power. But I was comforted by Mitchele, the first black American president Barack Obama’s wife, who said that true character is shown through power.

I have closely monitored Dr. L.O. Raheem’s attendance at both formal and informal events. He has certainly done incredibly well. He shouldn’t be expected to win over everyone as a reformer, but even his detractors—particularly the people he has positively impacted—agree that he has been an excellent administrator.

Raheem is an extremely disciplined administrator who abhors complacency, impunity, and a thoughtless demeanor. You have to be prepared to be strict if you want to have a positive influence. Despite his rigorous nature, Raheem is incredibly understanding. He is open to new ideas that will advance the college’s grandeur and prosperity. In order to record his performance, I made the decision to go to the college on his one-year anniversary. Throughout my tour, I spoke with staff members and reached out to students. Since I just know him as a person, I think these should be the best indicators of his leadership qualities.

I saw that there is now a drainage system as soon as I walked inside the campus. The lack of a drainage system at the college prevents water from flowing freely, which has an indirect impact on the road network, as I mentioned to a friend two years ago. Though he dismissed my thoughts by asserting that the college administration would never have taken such action, he still agreed with me. With that, we cut the conversation off. The fact that I could see a working drainage system allowing water to flow freely as soon as I entered the school is a welcome sight.

Additionally, I noticed that the college has strategically placed working solar lights. The campus is now lit by Raheem, signaling an end to the ongoing darkness. He refurbished the staff and student departmental blocks that were already in place. I assumed the college’s grounded Coaster bus had been sold when I arrived at the school garage and did not see it. When I noticed that the vehicle carrying pupils into the school was full of them, I was astounded.

Raheem completed more than just tangible tasks. He was also devoted to the advancement of humanity. He is aware of the importance of security and how it relates to advancement and expansion. In order to supplement the efforts of the college security staff, he hired Amotekun. As instructed by the House of Assembly, he increased the 60-year service requirement for college employees to 65 years of service. In an effort to foster communication, he established academic and non-academic staff unions.

Being a forward-thinking and tech-savvy administrator, he discontinued the college’s long-standing practice and instituted the CBT Examination for new admission. Among the divisions he assisted in becoming accredited were the Dental Therapy, Community Health, Environmental Health, Health Information, and Dental Surgery Technology departments.

The college has been around for 47 years. Student participation in the NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) has never occurred in the college’s history. After assuming office for a year, Dr. Raheem diligently worked to recruit the college’s first batch of students for NYSC. Upon conducting interviews with certain staff members, I learned that TETFUND was not funding these projects as the program exclusively benefits universities and polytechnics. Monotechnics—particularly those in the health sector—should have a financial development plan. Health is wealth. A separate plan should be created for monotechnics if they are not eligible for TETFUND.

I hope that instead of more wealth, Dr. L.O. Raheem, the pious, disciplined, astute, and fiercely committed provost, will have the grace, fortitude, and inspiration to lead the college. Today is his one-year anniversary. I’m glad God granted Raheem to you and the faculty and students at this college in response to your prayer.