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ILA-ORANGUN: Gov Adeleke And His Two Alleged Thieves (The Favorite And The Condemned)



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By Sodiq Lawal Chocomilo

It is highly shameful that Osun State College in Ila-Orangun is being consumed by corruption. If you have ever been to the college and you hear stories of “flying funds” between the provost and Peter Power, the chairman of the governing council, you will be astounded at the depth of the sins that people can do to each other.

Both the provost and the chairman of the governing council of this college are accused of sharing and transferring monies intended for development into private pockets, while staff and students suffer in an agonizing economic state. The provost and the chairman of the council have both accused one another of misappropriating public monies, abusing their positions, and mismanaging the college business.

Unfavorably, the provost was suspended by the college board chairman – a politician and friend of the Adelekes, who convened like-minded individuals and established a panel on a subject he is connected to. There is fairness in battle.

In retaliation, the provost released financial records that showed the board chairman allegedly embezzling millions into his personal accounts, holding illegal board meetings, and leading the accreditation process despite the provost’s absence from a school where the deputy provost and other senior officials still hold positions of authority.

Their principal, Adeleke, an honors PhD candidate, entered the situation like Jesus did in the midst of two robbers in the Bible. Unlike Jesus, Adeleke did not ask questions. He already had a favorite that must be saved.

He established a team headed by CoS – heads of politicians in Adeleke’s dynasty and made the SSG – a member. He directed the team to look into a situation involving another politician from Adeleke’s dynasty and promised to punish officials who made mistakes. It is quite simple. He wants the team to remove the provost and hail the board chairman.

Even though I won’t be discussing the same set-up that was used to remove Odetayo, the former Iree’s Rector, from office so that an Ede native who placed last in the deputy rectorship poll could take his place, it’s crucial to note that the Iree Poly panel’s conclusions were kept secret, Odetayo was not questioned, and the court’s decision that favored him was overturned.

Adeleke is doing the same procedure once more. Peter Power, the chairman of the board, remains in his position despite the suspension of the college’s provost. Justice is not one-sided. If Adeleke is sincere about seeking justice—which I sincerely doubt—the two need to be suspended.

Two alleged thieves were spotted. While one is still accessing office, the other has been suspended. Still, these two would be looked into. The bound one and the free one. The board chairman is the governor’s favorite, and we don’t need divine intervention to know this.

Adeleke does not have to act real. He ought to be strong enough to tolerate the widespread misuse of power, deception, and injustice that his position allows.

To the provost of Osun State College of Education, Ila-Orangun, I bid you aurevoir (goodbye). You’ve been sacked. Peter Power will retain his post. In Osun, justice does not exist here.