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From Turbulence To Glory; How Dr. Akindele Navigates Osun PDP To Winning Ways By Sarafa Ibrahim



Dr. Akindele Adekunle

In April 2022, the National Secretariat of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) announced the constitution of a Caretaker Committee to administer the affairs of the party in Osun state. The Committee, which is headed by a trained physician, Dr. Akindele Adekunle, was a response to the protracted leadership crisis in the party.

It was an intervention necessary to stem the tide of unabated leadership tussle and restore stability. For nearly six years, the Osun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was without direction. The party went from one crisis to another, creating a sense of uncertainty in the then main opposition party in Osun state.

But within the space of three months, Dr. Akindele led the party from crisis to challenging really hard at the poll. So, how did this happen? This is a question that must run through your mind knowing well how several similar interventions failed to deliver desire result.

Well, the simple answer is in the leadership style of Dr. Akindele. Irrespective of the divide you share in the Osun PDP dichotomy, it will be hard to miss the genuine zeal of Dr. Akindele to get the party to work. Early into his time in the role, Dr. Akindele made it clear that his goal was to bring everyone together to pursue the objective of winning for the PDP.

In his first week in the role, Dr. Akindele worked with stakeholders across divides in the party to put in place the needed structures at the local and ward levels. Contrary to the fear exercised in some quarters, Dr. Akindele ensured fairness and equitable representation of interests in the structure, putting to shame the prediction of doom by adversaries of the party.

Dr. Akindele ran a collegiate style of leadership, always ensuring the input of members of the Caretaker Committee in the administration of the party. He is not the type that shut doors at differing opinions, rather, he present any issues that concerns the party to rigorous debates and contributions of every necessary factors in the party.

No matter how obscure, he took time to listen to every concerns and suggestions, making it possible for the aggrieved to embrace his message of unity. In no time, sense of brotherliness and party’s interest begin to prevail over any other consideration. It was so pronounced that people who had hitherto stopped talking to each other, renewed relationship and began to see each other as one.

This significantly laid the groundwork for the formidable party that the PDP in Osun state is at the moment. Through a sound management and a measure of luck, Dr. Akindele was able to navigate through the tough moments that threatens the very foundation of Osun PDP. Dr. Akindele deserves kudos for his work in leading Osun PDP out of turbulence to glory.

Dr. Akindele successes in steering Osun PDP to a point of envy is laudable. His embrace of openness made it easy for the varying interests in the party to come together to pursue the ultimate goal– winning for Osun PDP. And more, his refusal to be driven by selfish interest demonstrated the focus that went into delivering the gains in Osun PDP now.

It can not be stressed enough that, so far, Osun PDP have seen a wave of electoral success under the leadership of Dr. Akindele. Starting with the July 16 governorship election, where the PDP defeated the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) by over 28,000 votes, the party has went on a winning streak.

On February 25, the party recorded a resounding victory by sweeping all the senatorial and house of representatives seats in the state, in addition to winning the presidential election. It is important to note that Osun is the only state in the South-West where the PDP was able to edge out the APC in the presidential election. This point to the fact of impressive turnaround that the PDP has experienced under the management of Dr. Akindele.

Regardless of the paltry lapse, the fact is that Dr. Akindele has taken Osun PDP to a position far better than he met it when he took charge. The party, which was struggling before the coming of Dr. Akindele, is not only challenging now, but winning massively. Dr. Akindele leadership of Osun PDP has yielded positive gains for the party, which includes producing Governor, three Senators, nine House of Representative Members, and twenty-five out of the twenty-six House of Assembly Members in the state.

This is an impressive scorecard and a clear testimony of Dr. Akindele’s managerial prowess. In fact, the rating of Osun PDP among the people in the state has gone up in recent times, and there is hardly how we can take away the role of the leadership of the party in this impressive transformation.

• Sarafa Ibrahim writes from Iwo, Osun State.

Disclaimer: This piece represents the opinion of writer and not that of CityMirrorNews