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What Is Loyalty? By Adetunji Bello



In the social media, there is an ongoing discussion about the statement made by the formal Deputy Governor, Mr. Benedict Alabi about his not belonging to any faction of the party APC that lost the last Governorship and other elections in Osun state.

A lot of party member are criticizing him on social media, of being disloyal to Governor Gboyega Oyetola on whose ticket he ran for four years. But what exactly is loyalty?

While in office, Mr. Alabi was very loyal to the Governor but would always express his reservations on certain issues that could bring stains to the image of the party.

He did not condone sycophancy and that was why some “powerful commissioners” in the cabinet were always undermining his authority. That is a well known fact.

Some of the commissioners worked against the party. They used all means to collect money from the governor during the elections but they never delivered.
Most of the critics are sycophants. Let anyone, and I mean anyone that did not criticize Governor Oyetola with unprintable names privately on issues of style of governance or why elections were lost, swear with his or her life.

Most of them know the truth but tell lies on social media. Most of their pay masters worked for TOP while pretending to be loyal to Governor Oyetola. Governor Oyetola must have learnt a lot about them. The voting public have more information about them than they think.
They prophesy loyalty because of what they want to get.

They did that severally, misadvised Governor Oyetola against public opinion until elections were lost. They have started again because they want Governor Oyetola’s influence for federal appointments.

When Governor Oyetola set up the party reorganization committee headed by Prof Adéwole, a friend called to ask me why the Governor wanted to clap with one hand. Two groups were fighting and you set up reconciliation committee from only one group.

The committee was meeting in IleriOluwa, one of the party to the fight’s Office instead of the party office. That’s not in Yoruba culture. My response was that the formal Governor could have a reason for doing that.

It is time the elders in the party put sentiments apart and do the right thing. Enough of sycophancy. The truth must be told if truly, you want the party back on her feet.

Disclaimer: This piece represents the opinion of the writer and not that of the CityMirrorNews