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2nd Anniversary: The Unimaginable Tempo of Lanre Leke Sports Academy In Osun By Ibraheem Alli



2nd Anniversary: The Unimaginable Tempo of Lanre Leke Sports Academy In Osun By Ibraheem Alli

I write and sell business. Occasionally, I still go to farm. You may wish to call me Journafarmtrader. I don’t mind. I combined these to ensure my children’s needs are met. Raising three children is not a child play considering the economic hardship. Interestingly, I’m considering having more provided the country’s economy is giving a new positive shape by our workaholic president. Catering for my children is a huge responsibility. I don’t have that capacity now to emulate a philanthropist per excellence, Engr. Abel Lanre Adeleke who dedicated his life to raise the hopeless.

I remember vividly during my days at elementary school when the economy was good, my brothers and I would protest sometimes when we were to collect #20 for food as norms but daddy gives us #15. On two occasions, my father beat us for complaining. Sometimes he would say “you too will grow old to become a father”. Today, we are all fathers. And we thank God our respective children are disturbing us not their grandfather. As my father said, we are feeling the heat of being responsible fathers as projected. Not all fathers are responsible, the children of those responsible will still complain because children’s wants are generally insatiable. We acknowledge my daddy more today because we are already in his then shoe. Only responsible people appreciate responsibilities. To be a responsible father, you must be for all. What you wish for other people’s children is naturally what your children become. It’s just a natural law.

In 2020, the CEO of Peculiar Ultimate Concern Limited,Engr. Abel Lanre Adeleke declared readiness to construct and float an international sports academy to discover and promote young talents in sports. Many cities disclosed interest and lured the promoter to situate the academy in their domain. The agitating became heated and technically, Engr. Adeleke satisfied all with the projection to annex certain activities of the academy in some other cities with the headquarters in his hometown, Ileogbo.

In 2021, multibillion naira structures have sprang. I was a regular supplier of cement during construction. At a stage, all cement dealers and sand sellers in the town and few from Iwo were requested to make supplies so as to speed up the construction. Many started asking questions as to where the renowned contractor is getting the resources to finance the project. Towards the middle of 2021, advertisement for admission for the first batch of students intake was placed.

The incredible part was, all services including feeding, boarding and academic activities are free. Even to obtain an admission form, it’s free. The only condition is, the student must be indigent. The academy is primarily established for those whose parents/guardians cannot afford standard schools.

Observers develop keen interest, some sceptical as to means of sustaining the academy despite the economic hardship. I was wondering too. He sustained the first batch of students, took the 2nd and a few weeks ago, the 3rd batch of students were admitted with more structures built. The students were objectively drawn from all the 6 geo political zones of Nigeria.

With the admission of a new set of students for the 2023/2024 academic session, my findings revealed the number of students running to 200. All bills on Peculiar.

Pure wealth is defined by the life affected and imparted positively. A challenging pace has been set in the history of sports in Nigeria. Today, Lanre Leke Sports Academy teams are intimidating. I see the Daniel of Lanre Leke Sports Academy becoming the future Ronaldo, Messi, Ruben etc.

Happy anniversary, more strength to the promoter.