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Tinubu And The Second Gathering Of Vultures By Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje



The vultures did gathered and are still gathering. The are regrouping, but by His infinite Grace and Mercies, Tinubu will automatically prevail and will surely conquer as it has always been.

Ruminating over the events of the last few days particularly, the landslide judgement of the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal, one can only conclude that truth is indeed sacrosanct and that no amount of blackmail, intimidation and shenanigans can upturn the Divine Will

To start with, this piece is dedicated to those who love, propagate, defend and fight for the truth and are ready to pay the ultimate price in the defence of the truth.

Moreover, it is only those who truly belief in Almighty God that can fathom the fact that no indvidual can stand the kind of attacks and vilification faced by President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and survive them all without heavenly support.

Without doubt, if Alhaji Atiku Abubakar had known that Tinubu would sail through the encumbrances put on his way ahead of the All Progressives Congress Presidential Primary, he wouldn’t have contested because he knows for sure that he would lose gallantly at the polls, to the Jagaban Borgu if and whenever he contests with him in a free and fair election. But he had anchored his hopes on the eventual victory of weak candidates like former Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and paper weight politician like Rotimi Amaechi at the primary, believing he would have an easy ride en route the presidency. He had believed his connivance with the Aso Rock Cabal to foist artificial fuel scarcity and currency confiscation on the populace would see him to Aso Rock.

However, after their abysmal loss at the election, instead of the duo of Abubakar and Peter Obi to reminisce on what went wrong with their strategies and face the reality staring them in the face, they preferred to adopt and resort to an orchestrated campaign of calumny.

They were united at the wrong time. Unfortunately, none of them could concede victory to the other. Individually, they approached the court claiming victory.

Consequently, a new resurgence of realignment of evil was witnessed, even after the PEPT judgement. This reunion of bad losers and reassembling of vultures will only end up in vain. Take it to the bank.

Vultures are not traditionally useful in this part of the world. Nobody slaughters them for menu or use them for ritual purposes. Lobatan.

For instance, Atiku and Obi are very good at trading in manipulations but very poor in playing politics by its rules – the rule of the game. Hence, their political style is childish and rough.

There are two contrasting tendencies in Nigerian politics: one is positive while the other is negative, thereby giving negative results to its proponents. A wise man must therefore know which one is favourable to them and which one is not.

Tinubu is an unrepentant democrat and he doesn’t toy with democratic values. On the other hand, his opponents are desperate politicians. Desperate politicians are like rats that storm the streets with their desperation while the democrat is a gentlemanly cat which quietly picks the rat out of the streets, one after the other.

About two or three years ago, I told Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Mr Peter Obi in one of my write ups that it would take them another ten to twenty years of learning politics in the Asiwaju Political School if they truly want to clinch presidential victory.

Unfortunately, the time is no more in their favour. The odds are indeed against them. The only viable option for them is to stop their shenanigans and retire in peace and not in pieces.

Both of them have tried all their manipulative skills, but unfortunately what they have is not enough to take them to the promised land.

They played dirty out of desperation and they fell like a pack of cards. None of them will ever be trusted by Nigerians again. We know them.

Obi and Atiku lack patriotism. They have nothing to offer this nation. They are not new to Nigerian politics.

If ethnicity, religious and regional sentiments are removed, Obi is nothing politically. In the last poll, the so-called Atiku exploited and explored regional and ethnic sentiments. The two characters will find it extremely difficult to rule this country called Nigeria with such disposition.

Peter Obi must be told the truth. He’s indeed very good at trading and should go back to it. That is where he has comparative advantage.

Atiku Abubakar should know what is at stake now. What Nigeria needs is someone with the required skills set and we have one in Tinubu. Atiku’s political skills have best tested during his days with Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. Besides, OBJ had destroyed Atiku’s chance to rule.

If Atiku continues to play politics this way, he will keep destroying the fortunes of his party at the polls. No party survives with his kind of candidate.

To safe the political future of his children and generation to come, he should quit politics now and push some of his children or associates forward.

Peter Obi should realise that his business sense and acumen deployed in trading may not necessarily fly in politics. While he may have succeeded in business, he’s surely not politically savvy.

He must have known by now that he has come and gone politically. To the young generation, particularly the Obidients from the South,, come off it, let’s eschew bigotry and focus on the Renewed Hope. Nigeria belongs to all of us.

To my Brothers and Sisters from the East, remember, without fully integrating into the mainstream politics and building of bridges across the Niger, it will be difficult for your region to be trusted with the Number One position in the land. It should be obvious to you that no region in Nigeria enjoys the benefit of producing the president through its vote alone.

Morever, If your region must make political progress, you must show love to other ethnic groups and you must amend your political ideology.

Undoubtedly, every region has equal right to rule this country, but such region must have to convince others that they see them as Brothers and Sisters.

For Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, let him appeal the Judgment. Let him approach the Supreme Court. No one accepts easily, the reality of his Political Terminal Leave. I made this point in 2019, but the desperation beclouded you.

My sincere advice to Alhaji Abubakar, my political senior colleague is: please do not trust your lawyers who see post-election period as their festive period to milk desperate politicians. You have made your mark. You are not destined to rule, go and rest. Enough is enough!