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Oluwo Grading The Ground For Greatness By Ibraheem Alli



Your background is a factor that may mal or make you. Only few were born with silver spoons why the majority strived from nothing to be something. Out of the majority, very few climbed the ladder of greatness. Disappointedly, not all who climbed lift others while some allowed their background to put them on the ground against greatness.

The enthronement of Oluwo and the accompanying conduct of the Natural Paramount Ruler has earned Iwo and her subjects credits and a ground breaking for greatness. Less than 8years on the throne, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi has raised the bar of traditional governance, reinvigorate its recognition and ultimately brought honour to every reasonable son and daughter of Iwo.

Oluwo distinguished himself. By mentioning his name, people quickly tell of what he represents. He will publicly declare adolatry and deitism as anti-stool. “I’m not the king. Only God is the real. I’m just a physical representation. If you greet me by saying Kabiesi, I will reply by directing the greetings to the real Kabiesi so that I will not be guilty of impersonation. If God is the king, what is the palace? The palace is the house of God on earth. As such, no idol or deity should be accommodated in the house of God. That is why I can’t bow to any idol or deity. And I don’t belong to any secret society. Oduduwa brought crown. He never bowed to any idol. I’ve challenged deity worshippers to tell me the idol Oduduwa worship. The day they do, I remove myself from the stool” Oluwo declares

Oluwo has never compromised his principles. He will tell the truth even at gunpoint. He is Odidere personified. His uncompromising nature and dedication to pure traditional administration devoid of idolatry has made him so controversial to the conservative minds. Some conservatives will want him to do things the old way to get old results, which will be heavily repel by His Majesty.

These and many more progressive approaches have distinctively made him different. And graciously, people have known him for that.

Today, his subjects are benefitting from the ground grading for their greatness. The first 7-year is committed to prepare the ground. And today, the subjects have started reaping the opportunities of ground grading to attain greatness, a development which is the pride of Oluwo.

A responsible father endures insults, manages uncomfortable experience and scenarios in the interest of his subjects. Oluwo has paid the price to interest his subjects. The time has come to reap. The reasonable ones will support him to reap from the fruits.

Greater Iwo Empire is his dream. Ride with him to enjoy the ground grading for greatness.

Alli Ibraheem is the Chief Press to Oluwo.