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Alleged Attack On Oranmiyan House: Who Is Really Culpable? By Lanre Akeju



Oranmiyan house after it was being attacked

On Thursday evening, Osun was greeted with the news of attack on Oranmiyan House, Osogbo, where former Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s loyalists operate from.

According to the report, the building was attacked after their meeting. And before you could shout Hosana, the group had accused sympathisers of government of being behind the attack.

For us as keen watchers of events in Osun, the first question that comes to mind is, why will the APC, which already has an upper hand in the fight for the soul of the party in the state, carry out such an attack?

Is it also possible that like it did recently, the members of The Osun Progressives, TOP, might have been behind the attack, just to curry underserved sympathy?

The party chairman, Prince Gboyega Famodun, received his Certificate of Return, on Thursday indicating that he is the authentic party chairman in Osun and not that impostor, Rasaq Salinsile. So why would Famodun’s supporters contemplate any attack on TOP members?

On the same day, Governor Adegboyega Oyetola was at the party secretariat in Abuja to submit his governorship nomination form. It was a day of joy for him and his team. So, why will Oyetola’s supporters attack Oranmiyan House? For what ?

On Wednesday, APC, led by Famodun, recorded a landmark victory in court against TOP. If TOP had carried the day and this happened, then, one may say, perhaps, the Famodun group of the party is expressing anger over the turn of event. But this was never the case. So, is it possible that TOP carried out the Thursday attack to prepare ground for the eventual attack of Oyetola’s campaign office and the APC party secretariat respectively?

If indeed the attack was an external one, why did it happen after the TOP meeting and not during the meeting?

Again, how did the attack happen with the presence of about 16 personnel of the NSCDC who were armed to the teeth guarding the building?

Like the Government said yesterday, we are also interested in knowing the identity of those behind the alleged attack, especially now that we hear that the ‘suspect’ that has been arrested is well known within that vicinity to be a ‘garage’ boy, who fend for himself through begging. We at Osun Shall Rise Again, OSRA, are interested in this matter. We are watching.

Akeju is the Secretary of Osun Shall Rise Again, OSRA, a socio-political group.