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Opinion: “No Economy In Osun State, under Governor Oyetola” – Former Deputy Speaker Lasun Yusuf



It is rejoicing to see that the real politicians are putting aside their disagreement hitherto caused by alien godfathers and now coming to terms on Osun State politics.


Lasun Yusuf has exonerated Rauf Aregbesola of wrongdoings politically and admitted that everything happened because of the influence of Tinubu. Aregbesola must be happy wherever he may be today at the report of the interview by Lasun Yusuf.


There seems to be an amalgamation of local developments as Lasun Yusuf resisted talking about Senator Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke and Najim Salam. Only the deep can be able to call to the deep.


Again, Lasun Yusuf in succession established that Oyetola and APC rigged both at the primaries and general election in 2018 and hinged his factual verdict on the validation made by President Buhari that Osun State was arranged for Oyetola with the aid of remote control according to the President. Remote control is another lexicon for rigging in Osun State politics and it was in the presence of Kabiesi Ooni of Ife that Mr President made that disclosure sometimes in 2019 at the government house in Oshogbo.


Lasun Yusuf frankly said the Ileri Oluwa group loyal to Oyetola is largely populated by political amateurs save for only Ajibola Famurewa who has enduringly been around for some quality time. Such assessment is not easily dismissible. Lasun pointed out that TOP is a part of him being APC and that they paraded seasoned politician.


Lasun Yusuf also said he told to Chief Bisi Akande’s face whom he has profound respect for that he shall be contesting and that nobody born of a woman can stop him from prosecuting his ambition. It happened at the very meeting of Agba Osun that Oyetola has been oiling. Lasun is confident, Yusuf is bold. Omo bii Lasun lasan!


Lasun Yusuf also made the listeners understand that the people can not see anything that Oyetola has done and he affirmed that he told Oyetola to his face that he as the Governor must rescue himself and return to the drawing board.


He cited the occurrence of the governorship election, and that of the rerun vis-a-vis the tedious process to validate that he knew what he was saying that the APC did not win Osun State.


He again said the party paid for it in 2018 when he was ostracized and he said the war against Rauf Aregbesola and himself will continue to offer Oyetola as a political sacrifice come 2022, asserting that it is wicked and ingratitude to wage a war against Rauf Aregbesola who paved the way for APC in Osun State in 2010 at huge risk, affirming that they knew what was done to win Osun State then.


Conclusively, Lasun said Rauf Aregbesola is his senior brother, friend and confidant.


For me personally, I think I agree with Lasun Yusuf 100%.


Thank you Rave-fm Nigeria for bringing the former Deputy Speaker of The Nigerian House of Representativess on air this morning.


Correspondent Akintunde Bello Sheriff ABS ( Ikolaba Designate) reporting.

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