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Osun Contributory Pensioners Pass Vote Of Confidence On Oyadare Led Unified Executives



Osun Contributory Pensioners Pass Vote Of Confidence On Oyadare Led Unified Executives

….Say he has been agitating for us

Members of Osun contributory pensioners on Monday passed a vote of confidence on the leadership of the chairman of the union in the state, Mr Gbenga Oyadare.

Members of the contributory pensioners who had gathered at the NUT Secretariat, Osogbo, said that the State Chairman upon assumption of office, has put the group on the part of peace, love, unity and has been agitating and representing their interests accordingly.

They frowned at the action of few of them who who formed a splinter group because of their own selfish interests with a charge that such an act would not do the organization any good, but rather give government the opportunity to manipulate the union.

At the well attended meeting , where all the representatives of the five sectors made up of the contributory pensioners were in attendance, Elder Timothy Akinyaro( Local Government sector), Mr J. Oyegbade (Civil servants sector), Prince A O.Oke ( secondary school sector) Mr Fasoro ( Primary School sector) and A.R Yusuf )tertiary institutions) moved the motion for the vote of confidence.

They unanimously agreed that Oyadare and his team should continue paddling the affairs of the union till September, 2024 when election would be conducted and another set of the people would take over.

Speaking, the Chairman of Osun Contributory Pensioners, Gbenga Oyadare appreciated all the members of the union for the confidence reposed in him and other members of the executive with a pledging to continue to fight for the interest of his people.

Oyadare who appealed to those that wanted to cause division to have a rethink and come together to move the union forward said many members of the union are suffering he was only concerned on how to help them out of their current predicament is his priority.

He said: “At least if you have any Wisdom that can push us forward bring it to the table we would all come together and receive it to make sure we use it for the benefit of everybody.

“Because my members are suffering, if you conduct an investigation Into the matter, many people are at home, people that are amputees , their legs have been cut because they have diabetes, some have paralyzed because they have blood pressure, many are blind and that are some that are completely stressed, if your ask them what their name they don’t know it again because they have organs failure, those are the categories of the people that we are concentrating upon to make sure we help them out of the problem and thank God.

“These are the contributory pensioners in Osun ably represented by five sectors in the state; The Secondary school sector, the Primary School, the civil servants,the tertiary institutions, NULGE.

“The five sectors are here. We want to review our 2023 activities, we want to look at how far we have gone , what are those things that we have left behind undone so that we can chat the way forward. We look at our mistakes and build upon it.

“We look at what government has been able to do , what much more we are expecting from the government. How exactly are we going to approach issues so that the current Government will speed up actions in the payment of our pensions, especially this issue of bond certificate, this is croup rights, do you know anybody From Primary School is being waiting for the past seven years, 2017 till date, seven years.

“At the State level, 2019 till date , five years. It’s not a small thing to be at home for seven years without any payments, it means that is still a lot for the Excos to do.

“So, we come here today to seek approval from our members on how go about it and they have adopted motions , they have instructed the Excos on what and what to do and what and what not to do especially division, within the union, it won’t pay us at all.

“So, my members that are at the splinter group, we are using this opportunity to appeal to them to please drive back , they should stop breaking the union into fractions. It won’t help us and that is what the government will like. If they divide us they would be able to manipulate us. So , we should not allow government to divide us.

“And we have been appealing to government to call their people to order , they should not encourage division in our mist it won’t help us at all. So I want to appeal that the factional , the splinter group now they should reason along with the general people, generality of the union. They should not go further than what they have done it’s a damage to the union, so I Oyadare Gbenga, the State Chairman Contributory Pension appeal to all members to work together as one and forget anything that can divide us.

While lamenting on the bond certificate, Oyadare who commended the governor of the state, Ademola Adeleke for giving priority to the welfare of the Pensioners said that governor should look for better alternative for fund generation to cater for the payment of their pensions and gratuities.

He said: “We need Special Intervention Fund . This 27.678 billion budgetary provision, if the budget doesn’t work is a problem so government must begin to look inward on how to make provisions for Special Intervention Fund because to deal with seven years pending pensions is not a small money.

“Government should look into it because if this budget fails and doesn’t perform it means we would not get the 27. 678 billion and anything short of that we not help the system, it means in the next three years he would not be able to offset it because people are returning every month they are joining the queue at the back whereas the queue is not moving in the front, so is a very big problem on Osun neck.

“We thank the Excellency , Governor Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke he helps us a lot in the area of critically affected people just bring the case government will attend to it so that at least we will have the opportunity to eat some of his labours so we thank the God and we want to appeal that they should continue to assist us the more because of our age , because of our conditions non payment of our pensions, non-payment of gratuity and we have to thank the governor again.

“Don’t forget this OHIS, Osun Health Insurance Scheme is a very good idea, the governor himself did it for us we did not stress for it at all. He called us come and take it,it would help you and it’s helping us so we want to thank the government, but we want to remind them that payment of bond certificate must be looked into very specially”.