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NAHCON Increases Hajj From N4.7M To N6.8M, Officials



The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has announced an upward shift in Hajj fare for 2024 pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.

The increase in the Hajj fare, according to NAHCON is occasioned by unavoidable volatility in the exchange rates of dollar to naira.

In a statement issued by Fatima Sanda Usara, Assistant Director, Public Affairs, (NAHCON) on Sunday, registered pilgrims who have completed their earlier final fare of N4.7 million are expected to make additional ofN 1,918,032.91 to equate the current forex rate.

Besides, NAHCON said new registration for 2024 Hajj will henceforth attract N8,225, 464.74 (Adamawa/Borno); N8, 254,464.74 (North zone) and N8, 454,464.74 (South zone).

All categories are expected to make payments between now and 28th March, 2024, when NAHCON will shut down it’s payments portal.

About 50,000 registered pilgrims from Nigeria had paid the fixed fare of about N4.9 million, depending on the departure zone as approved by NAHCON. With the new addition, registered pilgrims are paying the sum of N6.8 million while fresh depositors are saddened to make a maximum of N8. 4 million.