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Ìsèse Festival Must Be Celebrated Annually – Adifagbola Balogun



Ìsèse Festival Must Be Celebrated Annually – Adifagbola Balogun

The Oba Ìsèse of Ogun State and Chairman Ìsèse Kingdom of Truth Association of Nigeria Oba Ifarotimi Adifagbola Balogun has said the festival will be celebrated annually.

Speaking on International Ìsèse Day with journalists, Oba Balogun said their group was trying as much as possible to ensure the festival did not go into extinction as they infuse the culture into their children.

He said: said: “When we observed that our fathers had gathered and had observed this festival, where they stopped, we get involved.

“If there’s a festival and we don’t involve our children, such festival would get destroyed, that is why we have the religion of the Ifa Council gathered together.

“We, the youths of today, gathered together in a temple way, we gathered children together in order for them to know that this Ìsèse should not be moved away from them.

“You don’t have to be afraid of it, it is not something children should not see; that is why we gathered children for them to know that it is an important thing.”

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