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Lagos Task Force Raids Agege Ram Market



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The Lagos State Task Force conducted a raid at the ram market in Agege on Monday to address concerns regarding the indiscriminate and illegal display of animals.

The raid which was led by Shola Jejeloye, the agency’s chairman, was carried out in collaboration with officials from the Ministry of Agriculture.

During the raid, numerous animals were removed from the market and transported to the Lagos State abattoir for thorough livestock health verification and husbandry.

In a statement released by Gbadeyan Abdulraheem, the spokesperson of the task force, Jejeloye said, this action was deemed necessary due to the unhygienic and hazardous practices observed among the animal traders. Jejeloye emphasized that these practices not only posed risks to buyers but also endangered commuters and vehicle operators along the vicinity.

Kofoworola Oloritun, the head of enforcement and compliance at the Lagos Ministry of Environment, highlighted that the roadside traders had contravened environmental and agricultural laws on multiple fronts. She stressed the importance of inspecting and certifying animals as healthy before their display for sale within the state. Oloritun mentioned that appropriate fines would be imposed on the traders before the animals were returned to them.

“Despite previous warnings issued to the operators, their non-compliance persisted. The evacuated animals will undergo thorough analysis at the abattoir, followed by stakeholder meetings with the owners. These sessions aim to educate the traders on the necessity of adhering to the established laws governing the sale of livestock.”

“By taking decisive action against these violations and emphasizing the importance of compliance with regulations, the Lagos State Task Force and relevant authorities are working towards ensuring public health and safety while promoting responsible animal trading practices in the state,” the statement reads.