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Kaduna Kidnapping: Primate Ayodele Reveals Perpetrators, Praises Service Chiefs



The Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has revealed those behind the recent school children kidnappings that happened in Kaduna and Sokoto states last week.

In a statement signed by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin, Primate Ayodele revealed that those behind the kidnapping attacks are not Boko Haram or any existing terrorist group but a new syndicate that is bent on destabilizing the security situation in Nigeria and scaring children from going to school.

He explained that they wanted to ruin the government with their attacks but warned President Tinubu not to allow it to continue as he foresaw that they would perform more school kidnap operations in other states.

‘It is no longer Boko Haram or any existing group that is behind these kidnappings, it is a new group and they will soon name it. It’s a new terrorism syndicate that must be defeated. We should commit our military in prayers to defeat terrorism; we must not allow terrorists to ruin this government.’’

‘’These terrorists want to scare people from going to school, they want to destroy the future of this country but Tinubu shouldn’t agree. He should cooperate with the security outfits to defeat terrorism.’’

‘’If the government doesn’t act on this, they are ready to move to other states. The government must wake up and curb this now if not, school children will be kidnapped in other states apart from the north.’’

Primate Ayodele commended the service chiefs for their efforts in fighting terrorism in the country. He mentioned that the kidnap operation isn’t their fault because they have tried to protect the country but people who are bent on troubling the security network of the country.

“The man of God encouraged the military to tackle terrorism like a war because if it continues, the current administration will be affected. He also advised President Tinubu to provide more support for the military in terms of equipment and welfare to encourage them in the fight against terrorism.

Continuing, he assured that the kidnapped children would be seen but prayed for God’s protection over their lives so they could be rescued alive.

‘’I personally want to commend the efforts of our service chiefs and security agencies in fighting terrorism. What happened at Kaduna and Sokoto is not the fault of our service chiefs, they have tried their best to protect the country and they will continue to do so. What happened has the hands of enemies who are out to trouble the security network of the nation.’’

‘’The president needs to support the military to fight terrorism, they should increase the budget, create more barracks in the northern part and work on better welfare packages for the military.

“These terrorists mean business and we must also show them that we are capable of curbing them. There is more to these attacks, it has to do more with politics, there are people sponsoring these terrorists so if we are not tactical, we may not be able to defeat them.’’

‘’They will get these children; I am praying all of them are rescued alive. As a church leader, I will continue to pray for them and the security situation of the country. We need prayers of God’s protection for these children.’’

Furthermore, Primate Ayodele reiterated his advice that capital punishment should be passed for anyone caught in the act of kidnapping. He urged the government to cancel amnesty for terrorists and ensure that they are killed immediately instead of waiting for a court judgment against them. He also admonished Nigerians to continue praying for the current administration instead of curses.

‘’The government should address this issue properly and like I said, capital punishment should be given to any kidnapper caught because they are devilish, satanic and wicked.

“They are within the country, they are not outsiders, and they only want to mess up the security of the nation. The military is doing well and I can categorically say we have the best service chiefs so far in the country.’’

‘’Nigerians don’t need to curse anyone; we have to encourage them and pray for them to do more for the country. I want to advise the president to cancel amnesty programmes for terrorists because what they are doing is destruction.

“There should be no forgiveness and the soldiers must see this as a serious war. The army should launch a new strategic mantra for this operation to motivate soldiers.’’

Moreover, Primate Ayodele stated that Nigeria is in a war situation with terrorists and it shouldn’t be taken with levity. He encouraged the government to curb the act of kidnapping because there will be more if it is not well handled.

‘’Nigeria is in a war situation with terrorists and hunger, the government should take this with levity, they must be fought hands down because there will be more kidnapping in order to frustrate Tinubu’s government. Something has to be done urgently to stop this unnecessary. Don’t let terrorists turn the north to ‘Gaza’.’’

Similarly, the prophet admonished the media to stop promoting terrorist activities and giving terrorists too much relevance.

‘’I also want to admonish the media to stop promoting terrorism activities; we are giving them too much relevance. Some international media organizations are involved in blowing terrorism acts out of proportion, we need to stop this.’’