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Go After Coup Advocates, FG Orders DIA



The Minister of State for Defence, Bello Matawalle, yesterday ordered the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) “to go after criminals and enemies of democracy” calling for the overthrow of President Bola Tinubu “and bring them to justice”.

In a statement, the immediate past Zamfara State Governor who described those calling for the undemocratic change of government as “agents of destabilisation”, warned that the government would not treat them with kid gloves.

Matawalle insisted that democracy is working in Nigeria under the Tinubu administration, and urged Nigerians to keep faith with the government.

He said: “Those calling for a coup do not love Nigeria. Under the present government, there will be no military takeover of power.

“The harbingers of this evil thought are agents of destabilisation as Nigeria has a democratic government in place and democracy is in action under the leadership of President Tinubu, and the dividends of democracy are being delivered.

“The administration of President Tinubu has provided a level playing field for people to express themselves which is one of the pillars of democracy and fundamental human rights are being respected.

“In addition, some mischief- makers posted viral videos and inciting statements on the media depicting a false situation and impression and encouraging the military to truncate the constitution which they will never do because they have been aligned with a democratic culture which makes coup no longer fashionable.”

The minister added: “Nigeria is a peaceful country where citizens enterprise, no uprising, no mass protest, and just because criminal elements attacked a warehouse and a haulage vehicle carrying food items to other parts of the country, is not enough reason for unpatriotic individuals to resort to calling for military intervention which has no place in modern realities.

“The military is highly professionalized with good civil- military relationship and they are exhibiting the highest standard of professionalism with the defence of our constitution as a top priority. “I urge all Nigerians to come together to support and keep faith with the government of President Tinubu in his efforts at making Nigeria great.”

He further said: “Consequent to this and other extenuating factors, the Ministry of Defence is warning all the propagators calling for truncation of the constitutional government to desist from it and face the democratic reality on the ground as the Minister of State for Defence has directed Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) to go after the criminals and enemies of democracy and bring them to justice.”