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Worshippers Escape Death As Two Churches, 18 Other Houses Collapsed In Benue Windstorm Tragedy



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Hundreds of worshippers of Saint Christopher’s Catholic Mission located in Gbaasena and Saint Simon’s Anglican Church in Ikyaa community in
Buruku local government area of Benue State have escaped death when the two churches in the area collapsed due to a heavy windstorm.

The windstorm also caused the collapse of 18 other houses in the local government.

The incident which occured on Monday also destroyed other valuable property at Tombo-Mbaya community.

Buruku is the home local government area of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation, Prof. Terlumun Utsev.

Some residents in the community who spoke to Saturday Telegraph said the rainfall which was accompanied by a heavy windstorm, started at about 6 pm and lasted for several hours.

They disclosed that the incident which destroyed several houses in Ikyaa community, also led to the collapse of Saint Christopher Catholic Mission located in Gbaasena and Saint Simon’s Anglican Church in Ikyaa community and another Church in Afeese settlement.

A resident of the Ikyaa community in Tombo-Mbaya, Vivian Asunda explained that the windstorm destroyed her house and damaged other belongings including foodstuffs, electrical appliances and essential documents.

“My house collapsed inside and destroyed everything and before I could raise the alarm, I also saw from all corners of the village other houses been pulled down as a result of the heavy windstorm and the wind was carrying away many of the things”.

Another victim at Afeese community, Isaac Apav, lamented the destruction caused by the windstorm.

He said three buildings of his family members collapsed rendering them without shelter.

According to Apav, “three of our houses in the compound were reduced to rubles and most of our food items including harvested yams were swept away due to the heavy rainfall.

Also speaking, the Vical of Saint Simon’s Anglican Church Ikyaa, Rev. Mayor Chigbur, expressed worry over the state of damage caused, explaining that the windstorm blew off the roof, pulled down the Church building.

“As you can see, the church collapsed from roofing stage to its foundation nothing is standing as I speak to you. It was a very big loss for the Church. This church here is, Anglican Church, Saint Simon’s Anglican Church in Mbaya in Buruku local government area. So it was a very great loss for us, nothing was removed and the furnitures in the church were destroyed”.

They solicited intervention from the government and public spirited individuals to enable them recover from the incident.