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President Tinubu Needs Two Years In Office To Stabilize His Government, Abejide Reps Member



For Nigerians to begins to feel the impact of President Ahmad Bola Tinubu, they should exercise patients for at least two years of his reigns in power before things will really stabilize.

“Nigerians should allowed the policies introduced by President Bola Ahmad Tinubu to manifest in just two years so that they see the impact and begin to truly enjoy his Government”.

Speaking Saturday in Kano, while been honored by his kinsmen, the Asiwaju of Yoruba Kano, Leke Abejide who represents Yagba Constituency of Kogi state at the House of Representatives, maintained that the President policies are they kind of policies that should not be rushed for results.

Abejide who is also the Chairman of Customs and Excise Committee at the House of Representatives also describes the need to countered possible encroachment of insecurity into the country is one of the reasons why the boarders still remain closed especially with the military coups in the neighboring countries.

“I have the confidence that the Tinubu administration will make the economy better for the country. I have said it before, is like when a woman is in labour there is a lot of pain pending when she delivers.

“If You are looking at the policies they are making, you will know that we should give at least two years, I know it is a long time for people who are in hardship, but in less than two years you will see the impact, the economy is going to be transformed. I have that belief.

“Infact the person you are talking about is an expert in the financial sector and has a lot of experience. He knows what he is doing and what the result will be. My advise to the people is that we remain patient and the result will be good for all of us” he said.

Hon Leke was received in Kano by the Yoruba Community at a grand event to celebrated his victory as a second timer in the House of Representatives.

He promised the 4.5 million Yorubas of Kano that he will complete the building of the place of Oba Yoruba Kano before the end of this tenure being a part of the community.

The Oba Yoruba of Kano Alhaji Alimi Murtala Otisese, thanked the celebrant for his immense contributions to the Yorubas resident in Kano through the empowerment of widows and orphans, describing it as one of the reasons they have conferred him with the title of Asiwaju of Yoruba Kano.

Speaking on behalf of the Kano state Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf, the Special Adviser on Yoruba Affairs, Alhaji Abdussalam Abdullatif said the Kano government will continue to run an all inclusive government to deliver the dividend of democracy