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Wike Reveals Why He Gave Back Dokpesi’s Property To Children Despite Bad Political Terms



Wike Reveals Why He Gave Back Dokpesi’s Property To Children Despite Bad Political Terms

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike has claimed he gave the children of the late founder of African Independent Television (AIT), Raymond Dokpesi back his property despite the strained political relations between the duo.

Wike who made this remark while speaking in a recent interview with Abuja television stations said his political disagreement with the late media mogul did not force him to take possession of property that is properly his family’s.

He said: “The founder of AIT, the late Dokpesi, you know, was not on good terms politically before he died. But two to three nights ago, his Children came to me.

“And I said look, even though your dad and I were not good politically. I cannot allow this to happen to you people.

“I called the director of land, called the ES FCDA, called the Director of Urban and Rural Planning and said let me go and visit the place. That was on Thursday. [I saw] houses on top while they were blasting the rock.

I said, What is this? Director, you people allocated this rock to people? I said something must be wrong with you people. Go and get me a memo, I’m going to sign it now.

“And I cancelled that [allocation], this is wickedness. [I told Dokpesi’s children], bring your papers, because what is wrong is wrong.

“The children were shocked. Why do I have to, you’ve seen what is wrong but simply because you don’t have a good relationship you visit the sin of parents on the children.

“Everybody knows my position that politically I wasn’t in a good relationship with their father. But is that why I should continue when the man in question is not alive?

“I said, ‘take back your property. I told them, to go and withdraw the matter from court. I can’t be here and watch such thing‌s happen.’