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National Islamic Centre Reiterates Commitment To Propagation Of Islam



National Islamic Centre Reiterates Commitment To Propagation Of Islam

By Rafiu Agboola, Osogbo

The Managing Trustee of New Era National Islamic Propagation Centre, Dr. Abdul Rauf Adisa Kolawole has reiterated the commitment of the organization to the propagation of Islam.

Kolawole, made this known while playing host to the Managing Trustee Of Islamic Institute Ede, the oldest Islamic institution in osun state, Sheikh Abdulwahab Olayiwola Salauhdeen, in Osogbo, Osun State capital.

Kolawole, the African representative of World Federation of Islamic Missions Karachi Pakistan said Islamic Institute, Ede has been a reliable partner with new Era Islamic Propagation Center on the field of Islamic education i.e Propagation of Islam for a very long time.

He hinted that the duo had intensive and useful discussions on Islam and humanity in Osun State in particular and in Nigeria generally.

He further explained he and formal Director of WAMY, Sheikh Shamy Noshi Shamy had visited the institute twice in 2008 and 2010 respectively.

Dr. Kolawole added that the founder of the institute – late Salauhdeen Olayiwola was a good father and responsible leader which we are all striving to emulate.

He commended Sheikh Abdulwahab Salauhdeen for his sincere and untiring efforts for the upliftment of the College since he took the mantle of leadership from his respected father sage.

According to the Islamic Cleric, no one can lay claim to the heritage of his father if he doesn’t know and care to study what make him a sage.

He described sheikh Abdulwahab has humble, intelligent, cool and responsible promising leader.

He said: “Sheikh Abdulwahab you are good in maintaining good relationship with people”. Please keep it up because relationship is golden”.

Responding, Sheikh abdulwahab appreciated Dr Abdur Rauf Adisa Kolawole for his meritorious services to Islam and humanity especially the famous free medical outreach service that his centre is rendering to all people in respective of religious race or colour in osun state.

He noted that his free medical outreach team has come to Oja Timi Ede Primary Healthcare Centre on February 2022 for this wonderful job and it will remains longer in the memory of people ede for very long time to come.

He congratulated Dr Kolawole as the new African representative of world federation of Islamic missions Karachi, Pakistan.

He noted that the world federation of Islamic missions is one of the foremost of world Islamic organization that is striving for the betterment of humanity and Islam in the world. He said organization has one the best private university in Karachi – Alimm university in Karachi and over sixty percent of the students are study on scholarship.

He equally noted the organization has published a lot of books for free distribution throughout the world i.e The Quranic foundation and structure of Muslim society vol.1 and 2 and the organization was the first Islamic organization to translate the famous book of maulana sheikh abdulqadir jilani- Fathiu Robbani to English language for free distribution only.

He then solicited for more assistance of world federation of Islamic missions and WAMY for the college and prayed to Allah ta’ala to continue to grant Dr Abdur Rauf Adisa Kolawole long time graciousness in abundance , aid, Aafiyah and wealth and Imaan to continue this project for a very long time to come.