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May Day: EAPEAN President, Olufemi Ogunlowo Greets Workers, Promises Positive Work Culture



By Our Reporter

The President of the Employers Association for Private Employment Agencies of Nigeria (EAPEAN), Dr. Olufemi Ogunlowo, has greeted workers on the commemoration of Workers Day.

Ogunlowo in a press statement issued in Lagos on Tuesday promised a positive work culture that promotes employee well-being, growth, and professional development. 

The statement reads “I would like to extend our warmest greetings to all workers on this special occasion of May Day. EAPEAN is committed to promoting fair employment practices and fostering harmonious industrial relations.

“On this May Day, we reflect on the significant contributions made by workers to the development of our nation. Your hard work, dedication, and resilience have played a pivotal role in the growth and progress of our country.

“As employers, we recognize the importance of providing a safe and conducive working environment for all workers. We are committed to complying with labour laws and regulations, promoting equality, and ensuring equal opportunities for all employees.

“In celebration of this May Day, EAPEAN urges employers to prioritize the well-being and safety of their workers. This includes implementing appropriate safety measures, adhering to occupational safety and health standards, and providing the necessary training and support to ensure their well-being.

“Additionally, EAPEAN encourages workers to engage in healthy dialogue and communication with their employers to address any concerns or issues that may arise. Open and honest communication is key to maintaining a positive and productive work environment.

“On this May Day, let us also acknowledge the sacrifices and challenges faced by workers, particularly during these challenging times. Your dedication and resilience have been remarkable, and we appreciate your continued commitment to your jobs.

“As employers, we are committed to fostering a positive work culture that promotes employee well-being, growth, and professional development. We believe in recognizing and rewarding hard work, encouraging creativity, and fostering teamwork.”

In conclusion, EAPEAN extends its heartfelt greetings to all workers on this May Day. We appreciate your contributions, sacrifices, and dedication to our organizations, and we wish you all a successful and fulfilling year ahead.”

Workers Day is observed in countries around the world to honor the contributions of workers to the economic and social development of society. It is a day to acknowledge the importance of fair labor practices, workers’ rights, and the promotion of safe working conditions.

Employers Association for Private Employment Agencies of Nigeria (EAPEAN) formerly known as Human Capital Providers Association of Nigeria (HuCaPANis the umbrella organization of licenced Private Employment Agencies (PEAs) also known as recruiters in Nigeria.

EAPEAN provides a platform for Private Employment Agencies to interact with the regulatory body (government), labour communities, and other relevant institutions within and outside Nigeria to develop and promote International Labour Organisation (ILO) standards and ethical practices in the recruitment, deployment, and management of outsourced personnel in Nigeria.

Happy May Day!