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NACETEM, NITT To Revolutionise Transport Sector With Science, Technology And Innovation



As part of the collaboration between the National Centre for Technology Management (NACETEM) and the Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology (NITT), the two institutions have agreed to change the face of transport sector in Nigeria with cutting-edge knowledge in science, technology and innovation.

During a working visit made to NITT, Zaria on Tuesday, 28th March, 2023 by the Overseeing Director-General, Dr John Akintayo Omimakinde and his Management team, the two institutions rolled out trainings and workshops in diverse areas of transport and STI Management with a view to achieving sustainable development in Nigeria’s transport sector.

The Heads of the two Agencies unanimously agreed that the transport sector driven by STI would not only help achieve sustainable and inclusive development but also make life easier in all sectors of the economy.

While the Overseeing Director-General, Dr Omimakinde emphasised the pivotal role of STI in development by submitting that ‘No nation can achieve sustainable development without appropriate deployment of science, technology and innovation to all sectors of the economy ‘, the Director-General, NITT, Dr Bayero Salih Farah was of the view that ‘the transport sector is at the centre of any meaningful development in any nation, as it is critical to all sectors of the economy ‘.

He commended NACETEM for the swiftness with which they have approached the MOU between two institutions and assured that NITT would do everything humanly possible to make every component of the MOU work.

In view of the critical roles of the two institutions to the realisation of sustainable development, NACETEM and NITT are poised to radicalise the transport sector with science, technology and innovation.

Among the programmes to be rolled out after the review of the Technical Committee and subsequent approval of the two institutions’ Governing Councils are: National Innovation System Management and Transport Sector, Technological Entrepreneurship in Transport Sector, Fourth Industrial Revolution: Emerging Technologies in the Transport Sector, Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators in the Transport Sector, Strategic Digital Communication in Transport Sector, etc.

Besides trainings and workshops, the two institutions will also be engaging in joint research activities, particularly in the area of Technology Needs Assessment in the Transport Sector.