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Nigeria Is Doomed With Tinubu Government- Sule Lamido



Nigeria Is Doomed With Tinubu Government, Sule Lamido

Former Jigawa State Governor, Alhaji Sule Lamido, has taken the President Tinubu Administration to the trashes, saying Nigeria and Nigerians are doomed under him.

Sule Lamido said during an interview in Kano, that the first day President Tinubu said he is continuing with the President Buhari policies and programs, it was clear that the Government lack focus and the pedigree to save the Country from it’s predicament.

Lamido said from onsets, we said it that APC has no real means to make Nigeria great, that is why i blasted those that voted Buhari, “They rallied around Buhari, calling him our own, our own, what is the benefit of ‘our own’ in power to the North, especially the North West – his own constituency?

He said the Northwest today is the home based of Kidnapping, Banditry, and all sorts of Criminalities, and today the region is the most backwards in the whole of the Country after Buhari eight years on power.

“We were demonized, we were called names, so then in that election, we lost, and thereafter APC came. They vilified us, called us Boko Haram, especially in the North.

“Before 2014, I had said that in the election coming in 2014 that whoever wins, Nigeria will lose. I said so because some internal arrangements in the party was breached, and the people, kind of, lost confidence in the party based on that breach.

“Meanwhile, those in APC were campaigning on hate, division, malice, so it means the two candidates at that time were only running for themselves, Nigeria was left behind. The election in 2014 was between Jonathan and Buhari for their personal ambition and interest, not for the country.

“All along, Nigerians believed in us. In whatever we do, we put Nigeria first; let her lead and then pursue your interest from Nigeria.

“From 2014, it has been the interest leading and Nigeria following behind. That was why when Buhari won, every Nigerian lost because he was not there for Nigeria.

“He lacked the political pedigree, political sagacity, and vision to address the issues of Nigeria. Instead, emotions, sentiments, ethnicity and religion came to play and today in Nigeria, this triangle of ethnicity, religion and the region North-South, Islam-Christianity, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and others, are playing out. Tribe, religion and region have been brought to the forefront in Nigeria by the APC. What did Tinubu say? He said Emilokan, it is my turn.”

Alhaji Sule Lamido, notes that no matter whatever anybody would say, Tinubu Government is an upshot of Buhari Regime, and as Government under same Party they have nothing to offer to Nigerians.

“Our Party the PDP, has done everything for Nigeria, we saved the Country from the Debts profile they Bedevilled Us, we resounded the Foreign image for the Nation, we created a sound economic policies that shaped the Country, history is there for anybody to go back to”.