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Rotimi Makinde Reacts To Josephine’s Alleged Tissue Of Lies, Exposes How Eniola Victor Mark Allegedly Absconded With Project Fund



Hon. Rotimi Makinde, has faulted the claim made by one Josephine Amadi who is trying to raise defence for the CEO of Ojulowo Omoluabi Empire Holdings Limited, Victor Mark who was appointed as MD of Oodua Fm a company owned by him over fraud related allegations.

Ojulowo Omoluabi Empire Holdings was awarded the project for the construction of a radio station at the Federal Polytechnic in April 2023.

Mifed by the disappearance of Victor Mark and failure to execute the contract as well as his refusal to pick phone calls or respond to text messages from the project owners, Makinde had to cry out for help from members of the public to smoke out Victor.

Makinde also alleged that Victor Mark absconded with millions of contract funds, which was meant for the school’s radio house project. The Ife politician was also worried about Mark’s callousness which sought to ruin his reputation, the hopes and aspirations of young Nigerians who have passion for broadcasting said the long hand of the law will definitely catch up with Mark.

According to Makinde, Mark had abandoned the project and relocated to the United Kingdom. Makinde, who described Mark as a fugitive, was further surprised that such a character will be so comfortable to spread falsehoods about him without turning himself in for clarification or exoneration, if truly his hands are clean

Makinde equally reacted that he was shocked on how human beings could suddenly change and compromise their integrity, adding that Mark was the one who was hired to manage his radio station, Oodua FM in Ife and Abeokuta and that both Mark and Amadi stayed under his roof for many months for economic succor but are now biting the finger that fed them.

Reacting specifically to Daily Post publication, which was credited to Josephine Amadi, Makinde cautioned both Amadi and Mark to stop misleading the public, noting that his legal team will act accordingly.

“My attention has been drawn to a statement credited to Amadi Josephine whom I know to be a staff of Oodua FM ile Ife and now at Abeokuta end of Oodua Fm whichbis a subsidiary of the company owned by me. She had not only meddled into a matter she knew little about, she is in position to reach me but went ahead to dish out convoluted lies to some bloggers deceive the public to protect her boss who is on the run and to also mislead unsuspecting members of the public.

“It’s very appalling to see that Lady Josephine Amadi who at a time and as a staff of Oodua FM Ile-Ife and someone who lived right under my roof in Ile ife could condescend so low to act as a defender to his fraudulent boss without making effort to reach me. She simply acted ignorantly within her limited knowledge of the matter and the little she got from ENIOLA MARK. She should have rather implored him to either make himself available to the Police or sue me to the law court, for I made the public to know that his boss is not the owner of the building and that I am the owner of Oodua FM.
Josephine Amadi is simply pained because the real landlord sought my permission to shut the station.

“I insist that Amadi’s boss, Mr Eniola Mark, should make himself available in the country to narrate this story himself and not by proxy. It may also please Amadi to note that it’s a matter of time to ensure Mark is repatriated and face justice for his criminal acts.

“I’ve briefed my lawyers about this blackmail and fighting back by proxy. She, Josephine Amadi and her principal may not also know that effort is already being made to repatriate the man on the run to face justice, staying in UK isn’t a safe haven for him to cover his crime or spend the proceeds of his malfeasance and fraudulent acts.”

Makinde stressed further,

“When did it become a crime to advise someone to bid in a well advertised prospect?

“Will it not be seen as an act of betrayal for a supposed close aide, who got his job abandoned in midway, and Eniola Mark blocked all channels of communication and all entreaties to him?

“Upon investigation, I got to know he is not even what he called himself, he lied about the ownership of the building for which he operated Oodua Fm in Abeokuta and I felt like he is using my outfit to swindle many innocent people on the property and with other shaddy activities that one can’t bring to the print.

“In my last text message to him, I advised him to close the outfit following series of damning informations about how he used the outfit to lure people to purchase unavailable lands both in Ile ife and Abeokuta axis.

“To make matters worse, the real owner of the building complained about his non payment of rent and he shut the door against him only for one of his brainwashed aides to go public to start blackmailing me, this is utterly despicable and preposterous”.

“Well, name not built by fraud can not be destroyed in any way. Victor Eniola Mark will be brought to book for his misdeeds .The long hands of the law will catch up with him anywhere he is!” Makinde stated.