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Nigerians Get Over N48bn Dollars From Nigerians In Diaspora Annually – DSGN President



Nigerians Get Over N48bn Dollars From Nigerians In Diaspora Annually - President

-As Group Organises Free Medical Outreach For Osun Residents

-Says No Country Develop Without DSGN Effort

By Grace Isaac, Osogbo

President of Diasporas Solution Group of Nigerian (DSGN) Gideon Soba Oyeleke has said no country can develop without the efforts of the people in diaspora, adding that Nigerians in Diaspora send over N48billions naira annually to people in Nigeria for support.

Oyeleke revealed this during a day free medical outreach organized by DSGN in Aloha hotel, Osogbo, Osun State.

He, however, called on Federal government to train more Nigerians abroad so that they can come back home with their wealth of knowledge and experience and establish something great for their country.

Oyeleke who urged the Federal government to copy China, stressed that China sent lot of their youth abroad to acquire skills and education which was what was helping them now.

He added that the group has been supportive in crucial areas such as Healthcare, Infrastructural development, Education, Laws with integrity.

Speaking on the one-day medical outreach, he said the group organized the outreach to improving community health wellbeing and to educate residents of Osun on general health care.

He said the programme feature talks on Diabetes prevention, Stroke education, Dementia education, and CPR training.

According to him ” The medical intervention also includes free blood pressure check-ups and hospital clinical training for doctors and nurses while entertainment will be provided by the Kawai Hula Group.

“We have a lot of people with strokes so we are doing a lot of stroke education there is a lot of things that people don’t understand which is brain disease we give education on that .

“We are the most educated people around the world.

“Education is one of the modern way instead of running away We need to keep them here. About 40 years ago the Chinese send all their youth to abroad to be educated and then bring them back home and establish technique school and they bring all their industry here all over America today for years ago we don’t buy their product but now China are everywhere. We must love each other. There churches here and there but we dont.t love each other

“We are Diaspora Solution Group of Nigeria and we are here to provide support for our home country Nigeria in all areas of our expertise.

“Most Interestingly no country developed without contribution of Diaspora, for example, China, Isreal, most Asian ands.

“Nigerians in diaspora sent over 48 billion dollars to Nigeria annually to support our people to give them fish, I think it’s about time we teach our brothers and sisters how to fish with our knowledge and experiences in diaspora.

The Diaspora Solution Group stands ready to share its support in crucial areas such as Healthcare Infrestructual development, Education Laws with integrity, and with no fear or favor.

Additionally, we note the need to address recent events concerning religious intolerance and foster dialogue among all religious and cultural groups.

Our organization will actively engage with this matter to promote religious harmony and understanding within Nigeria.

Furthermore, the Diaspora Solution Group aims to provide hope and opportunities for the youth of Nigeria.

“Our action plan framework includes expanding our efforts to empower and uplift young Nigerians, as we recognize their potential as key drivers of national progress.

“The youth of Nigerians are well-renowned world-wide, for their academic and technological proficiency, with the upsurge in the development and growth of Artificial Intelligence (Al), the youth of Nigeria are poised to utilize this knowledge, as leverage to take Nigeria into a different stratosphere, given the right mentor ship, training and regulation, in the field of Al.

“The Diaspora Solution Group give our utmost assurances to Your Excellency, to ensure that we will utilize our resources here in the United State, to ensure that the youth are given the proper training and resources in order to ensure that they maintain the best practices and groundwork, in this emerging landscape of Artificial Intelligence, a concept, that has now become a reality, and a technological reality, that could help propel Nigeria into a Leader in this industry, if we put the right investment in our youth.

“Several of our members are professional’s expert in various areas that our country urgently needs and are ready to provide services either in Nigeria or in diaspora.

“We have loaded some healthcare related videos provided by our members in our own DSGN-tv also for Broadcast on our local Social Media DSG-TV and we are hoping to Provide them to our Television Stations in Nigeria (eg. dementia, diabetes and stroke.

“Our members have been involved in medical Missions and we also will be scheduling medical missions in Nigeria towns and villages.

“Most of our presentations today are to address the areas that are lacking professional services, in te fields of Healthcare, Agriculture, Tourism, Polities, Social, Economic, Education, Judiciary, Agriculture, and Youth Affairs. We will also express and support our legislative opinion in some of the areas tat are affecting our Nigeria citizens.

“We have a good working relationship with Nigeria media outlets and working on relationship with the Aso Rock

“We all know that no country was developed without their diaspora’s effort, our mother country is ailing and needs our aid and we must give back as we all belong to Nigeria.

“This organization was put together with effort and financial contribution from our members across America.

“There is a long way to go and a lot to be given to our brothers. sisters. Dad and Mum back home and we need to support. Join us today.

“Contribute your expertise in any field you ave expertise in. Most importantly support us financially as we will be sponsoring serval missions to Nigeria in some of the listed areas, some of our healthcare presentation will be televised live on our Social Media Television DSGN – TV and we are proud that today’s event will be streamed live and televised Nationally later in our beloved country Nigeria.