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Osun Lawmaker’s Wife Adedayo Irekandu Urges Women To Improve Capacity, Participate More In Politics



Adedayo Adeyemi IREKANDU, the wife of an Osun State lawmaker who represents the residents of the Obokun State Constituency, has urged young women to actively engage in politics to advance society.

During the launch of ‘Irekandu Ladies,’ a political organization created to encourage women’s engagement in politics and governance, Mrs Adedayo Adeyemi made it known.

The ‘Irekandu Ladies’ group was officially launched on February 17th. It was created by carefully selecting five dynamic young women from various polling places in Obokun Local Government.

Youth leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party, Ward Chairmen and leaders of the party, chieftain of the Party, Prince Diran Odeyemi and people’s lawmaker Adewumi Adeyemi Irekandu cordially attended the occasion.

When addressing the event, the group’s founder, Mrs Adedayo Adeyemi, praised the members’ guts and courage for choosing to participate in the political debate of the state to progress our society.

She emphasised that because women are kind, generous, and highly resilient, they serve a very important role in our society.

“Women must participate in politics. They are the salt of the world and possess unique qualities that are necessary for making decisions, like intelligence and compassion”.

She said that if we give women the chance to run for office and place them in key positions afterwards, they would undoubtedly perform above expectations.

Mrs Adeyemi urged other women to always take an active role in politics if they are sincere about influencing the policies that will impact them, their spouses, kids, and other loved ones.

The lawmaker for Obokun State Constituency, Hon. Adewumi Adeyemi Irekandu also spoke at the event.
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He expressed his gratitude to all the participants and praised their high level of sportsmanship.

Irekandu revealed that the Peoples Democratic Party is the only party that has given compassion, kindness, and charity to the people while urging them to work for the victory of all party candidates starting from Atiku Abubakar for President, Fadahunsi for Senator, Oluwole Oke for Representatives and Irekandu for Obokun assembly in the upcoming elections (PDP).

“When we were elected in 2019, we made some grants available to help small business owners prosper. Also, we organized a fight against poverty in which more than 100 participants received tools to advance their careers. The majority of these programs’ beneficiaries were women “he declared.
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Irekandu, who expressed his happiness over the group’s formation, emphasized that it would make it easier for him to do more for our people.

“I want each of you to represent us. We’ll run for office and be present at the election. We shall collaborate to make sure that our people receive the benefits of good governance. He exhorted, “Let’s work together and make our constituency proud.”

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