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Peter Obi’s Supreme Court Move, A Political Mistake – Fadojoe



By Our Reporter

A Labour Party Former Presidential Aspirant, Mr. Faduri Oluwadare Joseph aka Fadojoe, has advised Mr. Peter Obi to handle the issue of the division in the party as a matter of urgency before it is too late and also commence preparation ahead of the 2027 general elections.

Fadojoe gave the piece of advice when he broadcasted on his official YouTube channel, calling on Mr Peter Obi to as a matter of urgency focus more inward on the issue of the Labour Party. Precisely to see to the issue of the warring factions bedeviling the party and commence the process of reuniting, rebuilding, and revigorating the party ahead of the 2027 general elections; targeting the Labour Party’s full taking over of power; by seizing power at the presidential level, having majority in the National Assembly, as well as getting more governorship positions.

The US-based Nigerian, the leader of Rescue Movement For New Nigeria aka Rescue The Vulnerable Initiative, however; warned that to take any step otherwise is tantamount to chasing the wind. And it will definitely result in another fatal defeat in 2027, despite that Mr Peter Obi is undoubtedly rated as the most popular presidential candidate in Nigeria so far.

Adding that before the February 25, 2023, presidential election, he spoke out; cautioning the Labour Party and Mr Peter Obi over different loopholes that would result in not clinching the presidential power, but rather than taking precautions when it was still possible to make amends, many Nigerians were attacking him for calling attention to what could affect the victory of Mr Peter Obi in the presidential election and both Labour Party and the presidential candidate completely ignored his warning. “And the same thing I said will happen has happened exactly as I said. We have lost the election and again lost at the Tribunal.

“We lost the election not because Tinubu was a better candidate, but because he is a better player. And for the negligence on the part of those concerned in the Labour Party. I said it some time ago and everyone went ‘gaga’ on me. But today we can see that the 2023 presidential election is lost and lost forever. But instead of coming together to put our house in order on time, we are spending more time going to the Supreme Court. Even at the Supreme Court, we are still going to loose.”

Lamenting that the system in Nigeria is so programmed that once a person has taken over power as a president, it is difficult for the court to remove him no matter the situation. He appealed to the National Assembly to further amend the Electoral Act so that all election petition cases will be concluded before the swearing, may be that will strengthen our judges to give their verdict without fear or favour: not caring whose ox is gored.

He advised Mr Peter Obi to let go of the issue of going to the Supreme Court and leave Atiku to continue to the Supreme Court as it is obvious that the Supreme Court will still uphold the verdict of the lower court. “Rather than heading to Supreme Court to waste energy and the resources that should have been used for something better, Mr Peter Obi should focus on the issue of the Julius Aburre Vs Lamidi Apapa saga that has divided the party into two. Though the issue of the division is as a result of greed and corruption, but if not quickly and effectively handled before it’s too late, it will result in more disaster for the party”.

He added that he hope that his advice will not fall on deaf ears like before, as he stressed that he and his team had joined Labour Party and were reviving and rebuilding the party, before Mr. Peter Obi saw the party as a third force and came to the party to take the presidential ticket. “A party I have invested so much resources on reviving and rebuilding before Mr Peter Obi came, I will still see what is going wrong and advise, yet they will still not only turn deaf ears to my advice, but even sideline me and members of the same team we have laboured so much to revive the party that was almost dying before we came in”, he concluded.